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A Very Special Episode of Awkward is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Awkward. It premiered as a one hour special, along with the episode Less Than Hero on November 19, 2013.


Jenna takes ecstasy. Val makes an After School Special (A.S.S) called "What Are We Gonna Do About Jenny"? 


Collin and Jenna are in the sanctuary kissing and smoking. Jenna's hair starts smoking and someone throws a cup of water at her hair. She believes she's hater free, until Ming, Tamara, Jake, and Matty walk by. Collin says he's going to leave. Jenna walks away and runs back to kiss Collin.

Jenna puts her desk close to Collins and Sadie comments on her "nice bra." Mr. Hart pushes the desk back. He wants the whole class to submit an essay about Heroes and Villains so it can be published in a magazine. Val wants to talk to Mr. Hart by making a signal at the door. She wants to borrow his students to use for her video to submit for a video competition. She talks about the video and describes it as having drama, intrigue, suicide, drugs, depression, friendship, love, alcoholism, and freeze frames. She describes them as the scenes in After School Specials made for pubes.

Jenna and Collin talk about how she doesn't want to participate in the After School Special. She lies to Valerie saying that she has to help her mom after she sprained her back. Val guesses that it happened during sex. She tries to call her, but Jenna tells her not to because she would be embarrassed. She gets excused from the after school special.

Matty watches Jenna and Collin make out at lunch, and Sadie questions if he's trying to torture himself or if he's a creeper. She tells him not to care about her anymore.

Val is trying to figure out what the plot of the special is going to be. Sadie comes up with a girl who tries to kill herself and fails. In the end she dies. Val says it is perfect. It's called What Are We Gonna Do About Jenny.

Collin and Jenna are in the parking lot. Tamara, Jake, Ming are all watching. Tamara is worried about her because she could be headed to "Amanda Bynes Ville." They say they need guidance counselor. They talk to Val about Jenna. She doesn't know that it's about Jenna. She thinks that they would be good for the After School Special. She asks who Tamara would pick if she had to choose one of her friends to take to a German camp. She chooses all of them and bribes them with a mental health day pass and they agree. Tamara doesn't need a pass and seems optimistic.

Jenna is trying to write her essay and is tired. He gives her a whole bottle of ecstasy. She is very hyper while blogging on anything that popped into her head.

Jenny is blogging and Val cuts it because it seems extremely boring. Jenna, Jake, and Ming are shocked as they realize it's about Jenna. Kyle is the jock Danny and Jake is the bad guy Calvin. Jenny kisses Calvin and gets caught by Danny. She loses all her friends. She starts doing drugs with Calvin. Jenny gets mad at her mom and tries to commit suicide by pulling a scarf wrapped around her neck which Val cuts from the special.

Jenna comes home and calls Collin to tell him she misses him. Lacey is mad because Jenna lied to Val, and got sent a bunch of balloons including one shaped like a jellyfish. She drives her to school and makes her explain what a backwards jellyfish is during the drive.

Jenna arrives. Val tells Lacey that it's a closed set. Sadie tells Jenna what the movies about after Sadie gets cut by her. She gets upset. Jenna is cast as concerned friend #4. Jenny is describing Jenna's life in a mean way and says she wants to kill herself. Jenna changes the scene by saying she's not worried about Jenny. She tells Jenny to go on and live her life which is none of their business(hinting to her ex-friends). Tamara said she made bad choices and Calvin is bad news. Jenny says that they don't even know Calvin and that they get high and have sex instead of having a descent conversation. Jenna and Tamara argue. Jenna leaves and goes outside to the hallways to light up her cigarette. Matty and Devon come back after soccer, and he tries to warn her about Val coming, but she insults him, making him leave. Valerie suspends her.

Val watches her movie while eating popcorn. Calvin and some guys are fighting over drugs. The other guy falls and dies. Calvin commits suicide by overdosing on pills. Sadie screams a horrible "no"! It starts the scene with Jenna. Jenny tries to commit suicide but Tamara saves her. Jenny decides to live her life for now. Jenny is then flying a kite in a field while happy music is playing. The end credits roll and Val replays the Jenna scene. She just realized Jenny is Jenna.

Val comes to Jenna's house. She tells her to go away. She apologizes for taking so long to get up to speed. She says she can help because she is her friend and her girl. Jenna rudely tells her that Val is just her guidance counselor and has been a sucky one too. She slams the door in her face.

She blogs about how she let Val cross the line all the time. She gets revenge with Mr. Harts assignment. She writes about one very familiar villain. She opens a new document titled Valerie Marks: Crossing The Line. The episode ends with her saying that it's time for her to take Valerie down.



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