After Hours
Season 4, Episode 7
Air date May 27, 2014
Written by Ryan O'Connell
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
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After Hours is the the seventh episode of Season 4 of Awkward. It aired on May 27, 2014.


What is planned as an amicable group outing devolves into the night from hell, during which Jenna, who has set Matty and Eva up on a date, realizes that she still might still have feelings for him.


Jenna sets Matty up with Eva on a concert date to prove that she truly wants him to move on, though this backfires when she realizes that she still has feelings for him. Jenna, Tamara, Matty, Eva, Sadie, and Austin are all driving to the concert together when Eva suggests that they get fake IDs. Meanwhile, Jake is spending his time at home watching porn, while posting fake twitter messages to make Tamara jealous. Eva also blackmails Sadie with a photo taken the night Sadie comforted Matty about his parents. Tamara runs into a street burglar and shortly after, her car gets towed, forcing them to call Jake, who is still mad at Tamara over the catfishing ordeal. Sadie ends up telling Austin about the photo and he breaks up with her. At the end, Matty and Jake are caught drinking in his car and the two get arrested while Eva watches.

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  • Amalie Bruun - “Sleepless”

(scene: Jenna and Luke make out in Jenna’s bedroom)

  • The Darling Minds - “Keep Holding On to Me”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara talk in the hall)

  • Nick Burke - “Malta”

(scene: The gang gets ready for a night out)

  • Echosmith  - "Nothing’s Wrong" 

(scene: Jenna, Tamara, Sadie, Kyle, Eva, and Matty drive to the Echosmith show)

  • 'ISAAK ''''- “Crawl”

(scene: Jenna, Tamara, Sadie, Kyle, Eva, and Matty go to a tattoo parlor to get fake IDs)

  • Heavy Young Heathens - “Double Indemnity"

(scene: Eva talks to Jenna and Matty about getting tattoos removed)

  • Joy Classic - “Ya Change”

(scene: Jake lies in bed and sends a text to Autumn)