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Amber Horn
Full name: Amber Horn
Alias: The New Girl, Skanky Jank, Psycho Skitch, Psychotic Bitch, Eva Mansfield
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Relatives: Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Grandmother
Relationships: Matty McKibben (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Jenna Hamilton
Tamara Kaplan
Sadie Saxton
Matty McKibben
Jake Rosati
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Whitson
First Appearance: No Woman is An Island
Last Appearance: Finals

Amber Horn also known, or better known, as Eva Mansfield is a recurring character on Awkward. She is introduced in No Woman is An Island. She is the main antagonist of the first half of Season 4.

She is portrayed by Elizabeth Whitson. 


Before becoming a student at Palos Hills, she was born as Amber Horn in San Pedro. Abandoned by her parents at the age of seven, she was raised by her elderly grandmother. When she was nine years old, she was expelled from her school for stabbing another student in the face with a pencil. She claims that it was self defense, as this student and several others were attacking her, but this story is never confirmed. Since this event, she has homeschooled herself.

Throughout Awkward[]

Season 4[]

Amber begins attending Palos Hills under the name 'Eva Mansfield', claiming she has just relocated from "New York" for her senior year. She quickly grabs the attention of many students, including Jenna's circle of friends. Worming her way in bit by bit, she and Matty soon start dating. From there, her manipulative nature begins to show. She plays mind games with both Jenna and Sadie, whom she views as threats, while still keeping Matty in the dark about the whole thing. Her reign of terror culminates on the ski trip; she gets Sadie kicked off the bus, and causes damage to Jenna's relationships with both Luke and Matty.

While everyone else is off skiing, Sadie discovers that Amber has been lying. Upon Sadie's discovery of her room, it is clear that Amber has some serious issues: pictures hung up around the room include Jenna with a target over her face, and Matty with hearts around his.

Sadie contacts Jenna, and the two attempt to reveal this information to Matty. However, Amber is one step ahead, and states that she is pregnant. A pregnancy test later proves this to be true. Due to his own situation with adoption, Matty is determined to keep his child from having to go through the same circumstances that he did, and is therefore forced to stay with Amber.

Matty and Amber go to look at engagement rings, and he reveals that he knows the truth: she is a liar, and a horrible person. She stole his mother's earrings, and used them to bribe Gloria so that she could lie about being pregnant. He gives her 24 hours to leave Palos Hills, stating that if she ever returns, he will tell everyone the truth about her. Amber begins to cry as final attempt to keep Matty but as he leaves, her tears clear, and a look of disgust and anger replaces the sadness.


Amber first appears to be friendly, defending Jenna and giving advice to Tamara. However, it soon becomes clear that she is a compulsive liar, manipulating almost everyone at Palos Hills.

Physical Appearance[]

Amber is a tall and slender young woman with tan skin, blue eyes, thick eyebrows, and long, golden-blonde hair. Based on the reactions of other students, it is obvious that she appeals to the male gaze, and is aesthetically pleasing.


Matty McKibben

  • Status: Ended
    • Started: 
    • Ended: Finals
      • Reason: Matty finds out Eva isn't pregnant and is proven to be a compulsive liar.


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  • She claims that she was bullied, but this information is questionable due to her status as a compulsive liar.
  • She lied about her name.
  • She is a compulsive liar.
  • In her room she has a pinboard with personal information about Matty. There is a tissue with a mouth imprint and a sticker note with big letters saying: PEPPERONI PIZZA. FIRST TIME I SAW MATTY IN THE QUAD.