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And Then What Happened is the twelfth episode of the third season. It aired on October 29, 2013.


After getting caught by everyone at the surprise party, Ming, Tamara, Jake, Fred, Lissa, And Clark all recall moments before and after the party. The episode was mainly flashbacks from the party.


Lacey tries to get Jenna to go to school because Jenna has been in the closet ever since she was caught cheating. Matty won't return her texts and emails. Lacey tells Jenna she is going to run errands and asks if she wants to come with, to which she declines. Jenna goes to get some cereal and was tricked by her mother who wants clarity to whether Matty and Jenna are still together. She leaves and goes back to the closet with the cereal. Lacey tells Jenna that they can open her gifts. She doesn't come and Lacey realizes one of the gifts is her and Matty together to which she responds "never mind."

Lacey and Val are on the phone talking about how Jenna won't come out of the closet.

Jenna and Ming are talking about how Jenna and Matty are icing them out. Jake asks Ming if they are still together and Ming presumes that they are broken up. Jake recalls calling Tamara to which she will be on her way. Ming recalls a flashback about Lissa talking so much about getting her neckbrace off and recording the surprise. They yell surprise and Matty goes after Collin. Collin comes back with a bloody nose and Ming believes that Matty hit him.

Jake not believing Ming recalls a flashback in which it is Jenna that hit Collin. Jenna apologizes and Collin slowly turns to Jake saying "I did not know a girl could hit that hard." Lacey takes Collin to the sink.

Tamara comes in with a cast on her hand saying that she was the one that hit Collin. She was late to the party and saw Collin and Jenna making out so she hid behind the bushes to which she heard surprise and Collin walking out with Matty after him. Jenna tells Matty to wait and tells him that it didn't mean anything and that it was a mistake. Tamara tells Matty to hit Collin. He refuses and leaves. Tamara hits him because he wouldn't. She yells " You broke my BFGFBFF. Do you even realize how many years of praying it took to make that dream a reality? You ruined my life! Ow."

They talk about how they're over. Fred comes in and wonders what they're talking about. He believes that they aren't over. They yelled surprise! He said that the scene became chaotic. Val needs him to set up a piñata because he's tall and good at math. The piñata was too heavy. The scene was interrupted and they all called Val a racist to which Clark comes in and asks who's a racist. They continue the flashback. He finally figured out how to get the piñata up. He sees Matty coming over the fence but he forgot whether he went left or right. The people at the table yell at him and Fred reveals he's moderately dyslexic.

Ming and Tamara discussing Matty and Jenna's status

Clark got into the party and needed to use the bathroom so he used the one in Jenna's room. When he was done he was late for the surprise. Since he was late, he guess he would take the time to lather up on lotion to which he loved because it was Jasmine scented. He left the bathroom and found Jenna crying on her bed. Matty came in and started pacing. Jenna tries to explain, but Matty kept pacing and wouldn't look for her. He got his car keys and left.

They recall a fire. Jake, Lissa, and Ming were eating when they heard the smoke alarm beeping. Lissa runs out and gets hit by the bat Val was swinging. She is fine until everyone tramples her. She had her neckbrace on and recalls her flashback. She doesn't have her neckbrace one and records her surprise. She was not okay and she is back on her neckbrace. Everyone wonders where Matty went and Sadie comes into the scene and said he went to her house.

Sadie was in her bed watching Jenna's surprise. Matty came into her room and had a talk about why she would do this to him. Sadie and Matty share a hug.

Val is eavesdropping on them trying to see if they know if Matty and Jenna are still together.She was trying to get Matty and Jenna's status to tell Lacey who was eating a bowl of chips sad because she won't get clarity on whether Matty and Jenna are still together.

Matty Crying

Jenna goes into Matty's car. Matty doesn't know what to say. He asks what she did with him. She says it meant nothing. It's going to take him some time and Matty says to get back to where they were. Jenna can't because she can't go back. Matty asks if Jenna is breaking up with him. She starts crying and says their breaking up with each other and wonders if he stills loves the same girl he fell in love with before all of this ever happened. She leaves the car and the episode ends with Matty crying as she goes into her house.



Guest Stars[]


  • Popkillers and Amy Kuney - "If I Could Only"

(scene: Lacey knocks on Jenna’s door; Jenna hides in her closet)

  • Red Mass - "Saturn"

(scene: Jenna cranks up her music as Lacey rifles through the presents)

  • Emika - "Primary Colors"

(scene: Tamara watches Jenna run after Matty and Collin)

  • We The Committee - "Better Me"

(scene: Clark comforts Jenna as Matty barges in)

  • Seapony - "Fall Apart"

(scene: Matty comes to Sadie’s house for comfort)

  • Alice Boman - Waiting

(scene: Jenna breaks up with Matty)