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Another One Bites The Dust is the seventh episode of the second season. It was first broadcast on August 9, 2012.


Lacey meets her first high school sweetheart again at her best friend's wedding. Now that her husband Kevin is planning to leave her, will she rekindle a long lost romance much to Jenna's dismay?




Guest Stars[]


  • Sucre - "The Cliff Waltz"

(scene: Aunt Ally reveals her wedding dress)

  • Solar Taxi - "Gung Ho"

(scene: Lacey, Tamara, and Jenna help Ally prepare for the wedding)

  • Barreracudas - "Numbers"

(scene: Jake, with Matty, talks to Jenna on the phone about not going to the wedding)

  • Caracol - "Shiver"

(scene: Jenna and Tamara make wedding favors, talk about Ricky and Sadie)

  • Ko Ko - "Float"

(scene: Valerie shows up to fill in as a bridesmaid, Jenna asks her to help distract Ben from Lacey)

  • Shelley Fraley - "All That I Wanted"

(scene: Matty shows up to drop off Jake's suit. Jenna confesses that its been hard for her)

  • Sea OF Bees - "Gone"

(scene: Ally tells Lacey she took 3 muscle relaxers, they talk about why she's marrying Dan)

  • Ezza Rose - "2%"

(scene: Sadie asks Ricky about cheating, Ricky tells Sadie he loves her in front of Tamara, she cries to Jake)

  • Kim Novak - "Not So Sure"

(scene: Jenna confronts Ben, tells him to leave Lacey alone)

  • Katie Herzig - "Way To The Future"

(scene: Jenna calls Jake to tell him she loves her, Sadie tells Jake about Matty and Jenna)