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Austin Welch
Austin Welch
Full name: Austin Welch
Alias: Boo-radley, Dexter
Gender: Male
Age: 16-17
Occupation: Student
Relatives: Angelique Welch (sister)
Friends: Lissa Miller
Relationships: Sadie Saxton (ex-girlfriend)
Portrayed by: Shane Harper
First Appearance: That Girl Strikes Again
Last Appearance: After Hours

Austin Welch' is Sadie Saxton's ex-boyfriend and Angelique Welch's brother. While the show does not address it directly, Austin possibly has Aspergers.

Season 3[]

In That Girl Strikes Again Sadie explored the upstairs of the mansion, desperate to find her “stolen” golden horseshoe. As she sifted through shelves and drawers, she found herself face-to-face with another loner skulking in the shadows. “Dexter,” as Sadie referred to him, was actually named Austin, and he sat huffing something from a mask, appropriately freaking Saxton out. Still, his strange but warm reception of Sadie was better than that of Collin’s girlfriend, Angelique, who initiated a bitch-off between herself and our favorite queen bee. Back-handed compliments are the fuel of high school mean girl duels, and the Angelique’s rubbing in of her win years prior just fanned Sadie’s flames.

In Old Jenna Austin goes all business on Sadie and Sadie struggles to get him to make a move. They share their first kiss.

In Who I Want To Be Sadie finds herself falling in love with Austin. They go to prom together. He says he loves her to.

Season 4[]

In No Woman is An Island Austin talks with Sadie in her bedroom.

In Overnight Sadie mentions what Austin is in Comic book's meeting.

In Crowning Moments Austin helps Sadie to win the bet that she can make any guy the Mr. PHHS In After Hours Eva blackmails Sadie with a photo taken the night Sadie comforted Matty about his parents, when she and Matty fell asleep together. Sadie ends up telling Austin about the photo and he breaks up with her.



  • Austin is very shy


Season 3[]

Season 4[]