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Jenna, you are my only friend and I would never ever do anything to hurt you.
— Bailey
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Bailey Parker
Bailey Who I Want To Be
Full name: Bailey Parker
Alias: Bailey
Gender: Female
Age: 1998-1999 (14-15, freshman)
Occupation: Student
Friends: Jenna Hamilton
Matty McKibben
Relationships: Matty McKibben (prom date)
Enemies: Darren Stevens
Sadie Saxton
Portrayed by: McKaley Miller
First Appearance: Old Jenna
Last Appearance: Who I Want To Be

Bailey Parker is a former recurring character on Awkward. She first appeared in Old Jenna.


Old Jenna

In this episode, she meets Jenna when she walks in and asks if Ms. Marks is back. Jenna decides to talk to her. She declined a boys prom invitation because he is mean and has terrible halitosis. He told the whole basketball team that Bailey had an orgy with him and his brother. Jenna talks about how her rumor didn't ruin her life, thus bonding with each other and becoming friends. She goes to the St. Matty's party, and she spits out beer because she isn't much of a drinker. Jenna refers to her as the good kind. She leaves the party early because her dad was out front.

Karmic Relief

In this episode, she begins to hang out with Tamara and Ming. However, Bailey also hangs out a lot with Matty. She and Jenna discuss prom and Bailey also supports Val, even though not knowing her well.

Who I Want To Be

In this episode, Jenna has been ignoring Bailey's calls. At school, they talk about Matty and Bailey tells Jenna that she called her after Matty asked her to prom. She really likes Matty but wouldn't do anything to jeopardize her only friendship and starts crying. Jenna thought that it was really kind of her, so she lets them go to prom. When Matty and Bailey both see Jenna at prom they greet her. Bailey lets Jenna have a slow dance with Matty.


Jenna Hamilton

Jenna and Bailey are close friends and befriended each other in Old Jenna when she talks about a rumor about her and they quickly bond.

Matty McKibben

Matty and Bailey meet in Old Jenna at the St. Matty's Party. They both bond in Karmic Relief when they both fix the Save Vag shirts. Matty asks Jenna if he can take Bailey to prom. They go to prom in Who I Want To Be after Jenna convinced Bailey to go, who declined because she didn't want to hurt Jenna.


  • She is a virgin.
  • She shops at the Virgin Megastore.
  • She looks like Rachel Bilson


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