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Ms. McKibben
Mrs-mckibben (2)
Full name: Barbara McKibben
Alias: Mrs. McKibben
Gender: Female
Age: 40's
Relatives: Jim McKibben (ex-husband)
James McKibben (possible adopted/son)
Matty McKibben (adopted son)
Friends: Lacey Hamilton
Relationships: Jim McKibben (ex-husband)
Enemies: Jim McKibben
Portrayed by: Amanda Foreman
First Appearance: Let's Talk About Sex

Barbara McKibben is the adoptive mother of Matty McKibben.

She is portrayed by Amanda Foreman


Barbara McKibben married partner,Jim McKibben, conceivingJames McKibben and then adopting Matty McKibben some time thereafter. 

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Let's Talk About Sex', Kevin Hamilton calls the Barbara and Jim and tells them that Jenna and Matty are having sex. The Barbara and her husband, along with Matty visit the Hamiltons resident to force Matty to apologies. Chinese takeout comes and Lacey invites the McKibbens to stay, to which Barbara replies no, but her husband disagrees. They have an awkward dinner, obviously coming from two different families. As they McKibbens are leaving Lacey says Jenna won't become pregnant because she's on the pill as to which Barbara becomes enraged and argues with Lacey and Kevin before leaving arruptly. 

In 'Sophomore Sluts', Barbara questions Matty about the dent in his car and how they are not as well off due to the divorce and is upset that he didn't come and tell her. Matty rebuffs this by crashing his car thereafter in payment with her not telling him he's adopted. 

In 'Crowning Moments', she is seen with Jim McKibben putting on a loving act and supporting his son for the scout that has come out to see Matty play. Matty sabotages the opportunity to spite his parents and they are both angry and disappointed with Barbera shouting out 'Dammit'. She is then seen at the Mr. PHHS competition, getting ridiculed by Matty on stage in front of the entire student body and parents and tell her that he is adopted. 

In 'Auld Lang Party', Barbara is invited to Ally's New Year's Party. She is then seen sipping on an drink of wine by herself. She comes and greets Matty, Jake, Tamara and Jenna, calling Tamara, Tamela and a scoul when saying Jenna. When Matty asks her why she's at the party, she tells them that Ally invited her and she wasnt sure why she came because she doesn't know anyone. Matty then ditches his mom and she looks on upset. Lacey and Barbara then come over to Jenna and Matty, "What up kids?", drunk. She tells Jenna that her and Lacey have a lot more in common than they thought, vowing to start a book and wine club or just a wine club, and Lacey calls her, my Bestie Barb. Matty and Barbara talk about what has happened and reconcile, calling her his mother and him, her son, sharing a New Year's kiss. 

Physical Appearance[]

She is a stern looking woman, with a very business like and conservative manner. She has mid-length brown hair. 


Unlike Lacey, she appears to be bitter and not very nice or supportive, but after her marriage ends in a divorce, she appears to be more reasonable and nicer, ultimately making friends with Lacey. 


Jim McKibben

James McKibben

  • Status: Son

Matty McKibben

  • Status: Adopted Son


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  • She doesn't appear to be a nice person.
  • She is against her son having sex.
  • She shares many characteristics with Darlene Saxton.
  • She doesn't like her ex-husband.