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Image of becca
Full name: Wan Fu Win
Alias: Hello Kitty
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Possible Former Student at Palos Hills High School
Leader of the Asian Mafia
Friends: The Asian Mafia
Relationships: Fred Wu (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Ming Huang
Fred Wu
Portrayed by: Jessika Van
First Appearance: Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary
Last Appearance: Who I Want To Be

Becca (formerly Wan Fu Win) is a character on MTV's Awkward and is played by Jessika Van.


She is a person with whom paths should not be crossed. Knowledge is her power, and allows her to fulfill her own agenda. She manipulates others for her own personal gain. Becca's not out to help Ming, but rather to help herself. She so far seems to be the leader of the "Asian Mafia" at Palos Hills High School, and she claims to know everything about every Asian in Palos Hills, and demonstrates this by describing the origins of Ming's Grandparents. However, when Ming slaps her, Ming takes over the Asian Mafia and she seems to disappear.



"Why do you think I changed my name to Becca from 'Wan Fu Win"? Because everyone's a racist."

-Becca to Ming