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Full name: Ben
Alias: Lacey's Jake (By Jenna Hamilton)
Gender: Male
Age: 30's
Friends: Lacey Hamilton
Valerie Marks (possibly)
Relationships: Lacey Hamilton (ex-girlfriend)
Enemies: Kevin Hamilton (assumed)
Portrayed by: Kristoffer Polaha
First Appearance: Another One Bites The Dust
Last Appearance: Another One Bites The Dust

Ben is Lacey Hamilton's former boyfriend from high school and first appears in Another One Bites The Dust. He is described as Lacey's Jake.

He is portrayed by Kristoffer Polaha.


Ben went to Palos Hills Highschool with Lacey and Kevin Hamilton, and dated Lacey until Kevin ruined their relationship. He had a bad skin condition. He is hot, single and still hung up on Lacey.

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Another One Bites The Dust', Ben is invited to Ally's wedding and come to Lacey's house, where they bond over Lacey's coconut body wash, giving them a ride to the ceremony. Having to wait in the car instead of the living room at Jenna's request, trying to keep him away from her mom. At the wedding Jenna has a go at Ben, saying how just because her parents are on a break, doesn't mean he can waltz on in, and that he missed his chance. He replies point taken and relays to Jenna how he should have fought for Lacey and for her not to make his mistakes and take the people you love fro granted. 

In 'Time After Time', Ben sneaks up to Lacey hinding from Jenna and Jake and suprises her saying busted, catching her smoking a cigarette. He relays to her how he has been trying to get to her all night but Jenna was on his tail. He gives Lacey his jacket and the reminisce about the past, how Lacey broke his heart for years and that it would stay until a debt was repayed, getting a kiss goodbye, which he did not collect, which he states was a mistake and he wants to write that wrong and they kiss. They are then seen inside, talking again with Ben admitting he came for Lacey not Ally. Lacey tells him that she has lots of baggage, which he replies he can carry, but she rebuffs this advance and says he will get over it. Lacey kisses him on the cheek and they are interuppted by Lacey doing the worm on the floor and they say their goodbyes.

Physical Appearance[]

Ben is very handsome, tall with dark brown hair and a scruff beard.


Ben is a funny person who has a undeniable connection with Lacey. 


Lacey Hamilton

  • Status: Ended
    • Reason: Lacey chose Kevin. 


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  • Ben was the first man to love Lacey
  • He and Lacey went as Kid n' Play to a costume party. He was Play and Lacey was Kid.