Full name: Brian
Gender: Male
Age: 19-20
Occupation: Marine
Friends: Adam Walker
Relationships: Jenna Hamilton (fling)
Portrayed by: Cayden Boyd
First Appearance: Sprang Break (Part 1)

Brian is a recurring character introduced in the season finale of the fourth season. He is a marine who interacts with Jenna Hamilton during Spring Break.


Throughout Awkward

Season 4

Season 5

Physical Appearance



Jenna Hamilton


Season 4
Part 1
No Woman Is An Island Listen To This! Touched By An Angel Sophmore Sluts
Overnight Crowning Moments After Hours Prison Breaks
My Personal Statement Snow Jobs (Part 1) Snow Jobs (Part 2)
Part 2
Finals Auld Lang Party Welcome To Hell Bonfire of the Vanities
#Drama The New Sex Deal Girl Rules Over The Hump
Sprang Break (Part 1) Sprang Break (Part 2)

Season 5
Part 1
Prank Amateurs Shor Circuit Party Jenna In Wonderland Now You See Me, Now I Don't
The Dis-Engagement Dinner Don't Dream It's Over The Big Reveal The Indecent Promposal
Say No To The Dress 5x10


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