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Cha-cha-cha-changes is the first episode of the third season. It aired on April 16, 2013.


After a summer ensconced with Matty, Jenna is worried that she's lost touch with her BFF's Tamara and Ming. Everyone suspects that Sadie is pregnant. Although they're back from Europe, Jake and Tamara can't seem to stop practicing their French. Jenna finds herself in a creative writing class with a tyrannical teacher.


Jenna Hamilton and the others start their junior year, and she feels isolated from her friends after their summer vacation in Europe. Everyone suspects Sadie Saxton is pregnant, but reveals to Lissa that her and her family are now broke. However, Jenna herself goes through a pregnancy scare, but is relieved to find out she is not pregnant, and her mother convinces her not to tell Matty about the whole ordeal. Ricky Schwartz dies of an allergic reaction.



Guest Stars[]


  • Daily Bread - "The Conflict"

(scene: Jenna And Matty make out through the summer)

  • Shoreline Is - "Living things"

(scene: Jenna sees her friends growing distant)

  • Les Handclaps - "J’aime CA"

(scene: Val claps Jenna to Attention, Jenna decides to stay in Creative Writing)

  • White Arrows - "Golden"

(scene: Jakara make out in front of Jenna)

  • Jenny O - "Dope Van Gogh"

(scene: Matty walks Jenna to her front door)

  • Love Inks - "Too Wild"

(scene: Jenna calls Tamara, Tamara hangs up for Jake)

  • Kathryn Ostenberg - "Wish You Were Here"

(scene: Jenna blogs about her fear of change)

  • The Darling Minds - "Wish You Were Here"

(scene: Tamara and Jenna walk through the quad, everything’s good again)