Full name: {{{fullname}}}
Alias: {{{AKA}}}
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Age: {{{age}}}
Occupation: {{{profession}}}
Relatives: {{{family}}}
Friends: {{{friends}}}
Relationships: {{{relationships}}}
Enemies: {{{enemies}}}
Portrayed by: {{{actor}}}
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Last Appearance: {{{last}}}


  • Leave a space blank if not applicable.
  • Use "Onlyappearance" when the character appears in one episode only. Otherwise, use the first and last parameters.
  • The use of this template will automatically include Category:Characters to the given page. You will have to add other categories manually.
|name = 
|image =
|caption =
|fullname =
|AKA = 
|gender =
|age =
|profession = 
|family = 
|friends =
|enemies = 
|actor =
|first = 
|last =
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