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Clark Stevenson
Full name: Clark Stevenson
Alias: Clark,
Gender: Male
Age: 1995 (Age 16-17; possibly)
Occupation: Student
Relatives: Unknown
Friends: Jenna Hamilton (close friend),
Ming Huang,
Tamara Kaplan,
Matty McKibben,
Jake Rosati
Relationships: Ricky Schwartz (deceased, secret ex-boyfriend),
Unnamed Date
Enemies: Sadie Saxton,
Ricky Schwartz (deceased, secret ex-boyfriend/hated)
Portrayed by: Joey Haro
First Appearance: I Am Jenna Hamilton

Clark Stevenson is a character on MTV's Awkward.

He is played by Joey Haro


Clark is very good friends with Jenna and often partakes in arguments and throws witty comebacks at Sadie. Clark is always there to provide advice to Jenna when needed, this is shown clearly in the episode Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna. In the episode The Other Shoe, which is also the season 2 finale, Clark is seen making out with Ricky, confirming the strong implication throughout the series that he is homosexual. Later after Ricky dies, he says that they have been hooking up since the 6th grade. It is shown that Clark was the anonymous commenter on Jenna's blog. Clark hasn't appeared since the Season 3 episode, And Then What Happened, marking a 29 episode gap since his last appearance on the show. It is unknown whether he will return in the fifth and final season.

Throughout Awkward[]

Season 1[]

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Season 3[]

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Ricky Schwartz


Season 1
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Season 2
Resolutions Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary Three's A Crowd Are You There God? It's Me, Jenna
My Love Is A Black Heart What Comes First: Sex or Love? Another One Bites The Dust Time After Time
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Season 3
Part 1
Cha-cha-cha-changes Responsibly Irresponsible A Litte Less Conversation Let's Talk About Sex
Indecent Exposure That Girl Strikes Again Guilt Trippin Rubbed Raw and Reeling
Reality Check Redefing Jenna
Part 2
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A Very Special Episode of Awkward Less Than Hero The Campaign Fail Old Jenna
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