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Collin Jennings
Collin Jennings Yellow Background
Full name: Collin Jennings
Alias: Collin
Gender: Male
Age: 1995 (Age 17)
Occupation: Student
Relatives: Unknown
Friends: Angelique Welch
Relationships: Angelique Welch (ex-girlfriend, sexual)
Jenna Hamilton (affair, never exclusive, sexual)
Enemies: Tamara Kaplan
Ming Huang
Jenna Hamilton
Jake Rosati
Matty McKibben
Portrayed by: Nolan Gerard Funk
First Appearance: Cha-Cha-changes
Last Appearance: Who I Want To Be

Collin Jennings is one of the main antagonists of Awkward. He is one of the main antagonists in Season 3, alongside Jenna Hamilton. He is a transfer student from Thadwick, and is currently attending Palos Hills High School.

He was formerly dating Angelique Welch, until he broke up with her to be with someone like Jenna. He and Jenna began a secret affair together, until they were caught by Jenna's friends during her surprise party in the episode Surprise!. After that Jenna officially broke up with then-boyfriend, Matty McKibben, resulting in Jenna's rebellious behavior and alienating her friends.


Collin Jennings is a new student at Palos Hills High School. He is in the Creative Writing class with Jenna and Sadie. A transferee from Thadwick, Collin did not bring his girlfriend, Angelique Welch, with him to Palos High. In season 3, episode 10, Collin and Jenna developed a relationship ( kissing ) that made Jenna cheat on her boyfriend at the time, Matty. In episode 11, on Jenna's birthday, Jenna tried to stop the relationship the first but they ended up kissing again and Tamara sees. So she has to keep it a secret which she is terrible at. The second time it was the same result but the third time it was Collin that stopped the cheating and Jenna was surprised. Later on, Collin aplogizes for being a jerk and gives Jenna a birthday present.

They talk for a minute and after she invites him in as a friend. They enter Jenna's house kissing and Ming, Lissa, Fred, Jake, Jenna's mom, Jenna's dad, valerie and of course Matty jump and say surprise because it is a surprise party and everyone sees the kissing including Matty. In episode 12, Jenna breaks up with Matty because she has feelings for CollinIn episode 13, Collin and Jenna's relationship goes public which hurt Matty and made Tamara, Jake and Ming very disappointed in her for her " sappy" choice and it especially hurts Tamara because Jake found out that she knew about Colin and Jenna which made them break-up. Jenna and Collin are together since episode 13 season 3

In season 3 episode 1, Collin is seen in Jenna's creative writing class

In season 3, episode 4, Collin is seen in creative writing class receiving his paper.

In season 3, episode 5, Collin is seen reading his paper

In Season 3 episode 6, Collin is seen at his girlfriend, Angelique party

In season 3 episode 8, Collin comes to support Jenna at her reading at the local coffee house

In season 3 episode 9, Collin sees that Jenna is having trouble writing her paper so he sits down and helps her think about how Matty made her feel before he kissed her or the first time he touched her and before she knew anything about him, she memorized his smile, color of his eyes and how he always smelled of chlorine, sunscreen and summer, and when he finally looked at her, she could live off that smile for a week but nothing could compare to the first time he touched her, it was her and Matty were the only two people on earth and she couldn't stand the thought of ever being away from him again. Then Collin gets up and leaves.

In Redefining Jenna Collin passes Jenna an invitation to a party to which Jenna thinks is a sexy note. Collin is later seen on the phone, and revealed to Jenna that he and Angelique broke up because he wanted to be with someone more like Jenna. Collin gives Jenna a ride to the Annual Mall Ball at the Julie's. in the car, Collin states Jenna's 16 and still has time to define herself. They make out in the car. Matty never saw Jenna cheating.

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