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Full name: Devon
Alias: Rebound Skank
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17 (possibly)
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Friends: Matty McKibben
Tamara Kaplan
Ming Huang
Jake Rosati
Sadie Saxton (assumed)
Relationships: Matty McKibben (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Jenna Hamilton
First Appearance: The Bad Seed
Last Appearance: A Very Special Episode of Awkward

Devon was Matty's girlfriend. Tamara, Ming and Jake think she is nice. Sadie adores Devon. Sadie convinced Matty to date her. She is a student who attends Palos Hills High School.

She is portrayed by Jessica Cook.


Devon was seemingly unknwon until she and Matty start talking, attending Palos Hills High School in Matty and Jenna's year group.

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'The Bad Seed', Devon is seen laughing and walking with Matty through the school corridor near Jenna's locker. Devon and Matty then sit down at a table with Jake, Tamara and Ming. Devon encourages Matty to talk to Jenna understanding that Matty still cares about her, which she says makes him ever cuter. 

In 'A Very Special Episode of Awkward', Devon is hanging out with Matty when Jenna calls when she's high on ecstacy with Collin. She leaves an earring in Matty's car. Matty and Devon's relationship is a bit rocky because Matty still cares about Jenna, even after she cheated on him with Collin.  They end up breaking up because Devon believes Matty still loves Jenna.

Physical Appearance[]

She has brown wavy hair. She is tall, beautiful, kind and she dresses well. 


Devon is a kind and caring person who has the ability to see the story from different perspectives. 


Matty McKibben


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