#Drama is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Awkward. It aired on October 21, 2014.

Season 4, Episode 16
Air date October 21, 2014
Written by Steve Yockey
Directed by Claire Scanlon
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The battle of the sexes erupts once again when Jenna and Tamara's Dude Database goes viral and reveals a secret that causes friction in their own friendship.


Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Sophie Koh - “Lip Syncing”

(scene: Jenna brings Tamara hot chocolate)

  • Dearly Beloved - “To Better Days”

(scene: Guys are fighting over Dude Datebase)

  • Hellogoodbye - “The Magic Hour is Now”

(scene: Mini golf double date)

  • 'Bernhoft' feat. Jill Scott - “No Us No Them”

(scene: Jake is a stud plumber)

  • Joey Sykes - “The A Lister Rises”

(scene: Mini golf double date. The competition concludes)

  • OneGirlOneBoy - “Wasted”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara get into an argument infront of Owen)

  • Frances Cone - “Wiser”

(scene: Matty confronts Gabby after mini golf)

  • Ourlives - “Blissful Ignorance”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara make a scene)

  • Wild Child - “Crazy Bird”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara are feeling better)

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