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Fateful is the twelfth and last episode of the first season, which was first broadcast on September 27, 2011.


In the Season Finale, everything comes to a head at the Winter Formal. Jenna must finally decide between Jake and Matty, Tamara’s love life takes a surprising turn, Ming brings an unexpected date and the mystery behind the care-frontation letter is revealed.




Guest Stars[]


  • Uh Huh Her - "Never The Same"

(scene: Matty comes to see Jenna)

  • Pop Levi - "Mai's Space"

(scene: Jenna gets her hair done)

  • Howlies - "Sweet Denise vs. Road Rage Rhonda"

(scene: The boys play poker)

  • Rachel Goodrich - "Let Me Go"

(scene: Jenna tries on the new dress)

  • Boys Boys Boys - "Casio Joy"

(scene: Jenna gets picked up for Prom)

  • Ellem - "I Heart You"

(scene: The girls get their prom pictures)

  • Boys Boys Boys - "Ticky Ticky Boom"

(scene: Kids at the dance)

  • The Knocks - "Dancing With The DJ"

(scene: Pictures at the Prom)

  • Pance Party - "Rainbow Road"

(scene: Sadie tries to sneak into the dance)

  • Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - "Hot Summer Nights"

(scene: Everyone busts a move at the dance)

  • Ellie Goulding - "Starry Eyed"

(scene: First slow dance of the night)

  • Haroula Rose - "Brand New Start"

(scene: Jenna sees Matty at the dance

  • Ellem - "Breathe"

(scene: Prom Prince and Princess is announced)

  • Pance Party - "Mumble"

(scene: Last dance of the night)

  • Roxanne Emery - "All That I Am"

(scene: Jenna and Jake end the night)