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Whoria Gloria
Full name: Gloria
Alias: Whoria Gloria
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Relatives: Unborn Child
Enemies: Amber Horn
Portrayed by: Hannah Marks
First Appearance: No Woman is An Island

Gloria is a student at Palos Hills High School and is introduced in Season 4. She is best known for promiscuous reputation.

She is portrayed by Hannah Marks.


Gloria is a student in Jenna's year group at Palos Hills High School and is referred to by her peers as 'Whoria Gloria'.

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Snow Jobs Part 1', Gloria sits behind Jenna and Tamara on the bus, and is partnered with Jenna as roomates for the Senior ski trip after Val's randomisation. She overhears Tamara say "'Whoria Gloria', "The Hookup Queen', House keeping will need to change her sheets every ten seconds."Jenna replies, "Let's not be judgey," Which Gloria thanks her for. She also states that cold weather makes her horny as f**k, so she won't be in the room half the time. Tamara is in the hot tub trying to get some alone time with Pete, when a group of people come in and ruin the peace, Gloria included, jumping in the hot tub next to Tamara, "It's nice and cosy in here", light blue bikini one and her glasses. She leaves a box of condoms on her bed, which Jenna thinks is Eva's way of messing with her. When Jenna confronts Eva, Gloria quickly admits it was her. At the Key party, which involved Theo and Cole giving randomised keys to each class member involved, Gloria is actually partnered up with five males, including Pete. As she walks in the door she sighs and states, "Come on, this is too much work, even for me, I'm on vacation."

In 'Snow Jobs Part 2', Cole and Theo ask her and Pete how the key party was, stating, "Nice try sending me five guys, I'm saving my energy for the slopes. Well I sent the other four packing, and all this one got was a handy (Pete)."She is later seen looking at items in the gas station rest stop and she watches over Jenna and Sadie when Amber revealed her pregnancy test.

In 'Finals', Matty decides to investigate Amber's lies and finds out from Valerie Marks, who announced during assembly that someone's pregnant. She accidentally reveals that Gloria is pregnant and Matty also found out that Gloria was wearing his mother's missing earrings, given to her by Eva. Finally, During the groups time at the rest stop of the Ski Trip, Gloria walked in on Amber using a pregnancy test and convinced Gloria to take it for her, promising her that her secret is safe with her, revealing that Gloria was pregnant, not Amber. Amber gives Gloria the earrings as an incentive.

Physcial Appearance[]

Gloria has a nerdy aspect to her appearance, with glasses covering her face, a prep school wadrobe and her dark brown hair slight fluffy with bangs. She has full lips that compliment her behaviour. 


Gloria is a laid back individual who likes to challenge adversities as seen when she was placed with several guys in the ski resort, finishing off all, but two. She is proud of her sexuality and femininity and doesn't seem to care about her nickname. 


Unborn Baby

  • Status: Mother

Appearances []

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Part 1
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Season 5
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Say No To The Dress 5x10


  • Although Sadie thinks Jenna and Amber are PHHS' biggest whores, Gloria is technically the biggest one since she is known for her reputation.