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Gloria's Baby
Age: Unborn
Relatives: Gloria (mother)
Unknown Father
First Appearance: Snow Jobs Part 2 (mentioned only)

Gloria's Unborn Baby is the unborn child of Gloria.

Throughout Awkward.[]


Test Confirmed

In 'Snow Jobs (Part 2)' , Amber Horn first mentioned that she was pregnant and that Matty McKibben's the biological father, to him, Jenna Hamilton and Sadie Saxton. Sadie didn't believe that Matty was the father and that she was even pregnant. Later she took the pregnancy test and it was positive, shocking Jenna and Sadie. In 'Finals' Matty decides to investigate Amber's lies and finds out from Valerie Marks(who announced during assembly that someone's pregnant) who accidentally revealed that Gloria is pregnant and also found out that Gloria was wearing his mother's missing earrings. Finally, Gloria walked in on Amber using a pregnancy test and convinced Gloria to take it for her, promising her that her secret is safe with her.



  • Status: Mother


  • Mike Chessler confirmed that Amber's pregnancy test is real, and will be a focus in 4B.
    • The only reason it was real was because Gloria was pregnant.
  • Sadie Saxton doesn't think the baby is Matty's and she was right.
  • This baby is the first Awkward pregnancy on-screen.