Guilt Trippin
Season 3, Episode 7
Air date May 21, 2013
Written by Vera Herbert
Directed by Ryan Shiraki
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Guilt Trippin is the seventh episode of the third season, and aired on May 21, 2013.


Jenna feels guilty about a school tradition of a dance involving elaborate invites that highlights couples and makes singles feel inferior. Matty learns to dance.


During the homecoming pinnings, Jenna feels bad for the single girls who don't have dates to the dance, so she decides to take a stand, focusing on a social outsider named Christy, who was a childhood friend of hers. Jake teaches Matty how to dance after Tamara tells them that Jenna didn't want to go to the dance for that reason. Meanwhile, Ming turns to Sadie for help in playing mind games on Becca. In the end, Jenna and Matty are dancing in the parking lot to the song Closer and Kristy turned out to be a drug dealer.

Cast and Characters

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Recurring Cast


  • Leah Lou & The 2 Left Shoes - "Come Over"

(scene: Guys are pinning girls for the homecoming dance)

  • Blake Hazard - "Energy and Consequences"

(scene: Jenna observes the loneliness of Christy Patton)

  • Helen Austin - "Every Time You Catch Me"

(scene: Jenna tells Matty she doesn’t want to go to the dance)

  • Shiny Toy Guns - "Fading Listening"

(scene: Jenna talks to Lacey about not going to the dance)

  • AVAN LAVA - "It’s Never Over"

(scene: Jake teaches Matty to dance)

  • DWNTWN - "Transition"

(scene: Jenna and Tamara wait for the boys at the dance)

  • Jupiter - "Juicy Lucy (Needs a Boogeyman)"

(scene: Becca confronts Ming at the dance)

  • Night Club - "Lovestruck"

(scene: Ming talks to Sadie)

  • Maurice - "Are You Still Gonna Roll"

(scene: Matty tells Jake he can’t dance to a slow song)

  • The Beat Geeks - "Party In The Air"

(scene: Matty goes onto the dance floor, Jenna sees Christy get denied)

  • Tha Ski Boys - "F____ Tha DJ (Featuring Jay Bling & Khaos of Draft Pick)"

(scene: Matty nervously gets on the dance floor)

  • Tegan and Sara - "Closer"

(scene: Matty has a good time dancing, Jenna sees him)