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Homewrecker Hamilton is the ninth episode of the second season of MTV's Awkward. It aired on August 23, 2012.


Jenna is desperate to find out why Jake broke up with her and is sent a picture which can change everything. Jenna attempts to put back together the broken pieces of her relationship with Jake.


Jenna is confused and distraught over her break-up with Jake. She respects his decision, but she doesn't understand why he ended their relationship. Jenna eventually texts Jake in hopes of finding out his reason. While waiting for Jake's response, Jenna's father gives her a car as a gift. Jenna is thrilled, but is frightened because she believes it is a grand gesture to cushion the blow that he wants to divorce her mother. She is further scared when she overhears a voicemail message to her father from a woman named Hanna, who nicknames him "Kevster."

Jake replies with a photo of her and Matty kissing on her bed with the caption, "You are a cheater." It is a photo taken the night Jake broke up with Jenna; Jenna had rushed home in tears, and Matty came to comfort her. They shared a kiss in the heat of the moment, just as Jake came by to get back together with Jenna (he received Jenna's voicemail about her being in love with Jake).

Jenna is at first shocked at this picture. She shows Ming and Tamara, who both have the same reaction ("Holy Sh*t!"). Tamara, Ming, and Jenna discuss the text, and Jenna becomes confident that because she and Jake were not together when the kiss was shared, she was not cheating. Jake tries very hard to ignore Jenna at school, even going so far as to ducking in the boys' bathroom, but she admits she didn't cheat on him. Jake, still furious, tells her that he knows everything—meaning, he knows that she and Matty had a relationship, and the girl Matty told Jake about is her.

Jenna informs Matty about Jake and the picture (he had the same reaction as Tamara and Ming: "Holy Sh*t!") Matty realizes Sadie told Jake, and berates her for it, but she responds by saying what she did was bad, but what Matty and Jenna hid from Jake was worse. Matty and Jenna attempt to speak to Jake, but he ignores both of them. Matty later joins Jenna, Tamara, and Ming at the pep rally led by Jake, Sadie, and Lissa . Jake asks for a girl to come up on stage to spin the wheel, and Jenna raises her hand to force Jake to speak to her. Sadie calls her up on stage, and Jake calls up Matty. Jake manipulates the wheel so that the game to play is, "Come Clean or Play Dirty." Jake asks Matty if he has ever betrayed a friend, which Matty denies. Sadie and Jake try to force Matty and Jenna to kiss. Jake accuses Jenna of being a slut, and Matty comes to her defense. Jake proceeds to punch Matty three times, and questions him on the truth. He shouts about how he listened and gave advice to Matty about the girl without knowing it was Jenna. Matty punches him after the third assault. He exclaims, "I f*cked your girlfriend!" Jake collapses on the stage.

During an awkward meeting between Jake, Matty, and guidance counselor/vice principal Val, Jake says his friendship with Matty is over. Matty tries to tell Jake that he was never with Jenna during Jake's relationship with her, and he only went to her house to calm her down. Jake wonders why Matty didn't come to him. He claims that at the time, Jake wouldn't talk to him. Matty tells Jake it wasn't Jenna's fault in the first place, because she wanted to tell Jake the truth, but Matty asked him not to.

Jenna sees Jake as soon as he leaves Val's office (also ignoring Matty), and tells him she didn't know how to tell Jake. She also says she still loves Jake. Jake coldly shuts her down because he says he cannot trust her. Jenna begins to hear rumors about herself, and the nickname, "Homewrecker Hamilton" is given to her. The world SLUT is painted on the side of the car her father gave to her earlier in the episode.

Jenna goes home crying once again. Lacey sees Jenna's new car and is appalled, first thinking that this car is proof Kevin needs her back because he made a major purchase by buying a car (and she mistakenly believes it already had the world SLUT on it), but Jenna tells her bluntly that he bought the car to break it to Jenna that he wants a divorce and he is already seeing someone else.

She then returns to typing away on her blog, when her anonymous reader comments on her current post. The reader remarks that he/she should not be the only one who knows the truth. Jenna takes the mysterious writer's advice and forwards her blog to everybody in school. The next day, everyone has read the blog and continues to badmouth Jenna. Many people say she ruined her parents' relationship as well, while others take sides between Jake and Matty. Jenna only wants to make sure Jake read her blog, so that he knows the truth. She asks him if he read it. Jake responds by saying he knows she didn't cheat on him, but she has humiliated him. He storms off angrily. Tamara wonders who forwarded the blog, and Jenna admits it was her. She rushes across the street to come after Jake, but a car comes rushing at her. It brakes right in front of her, and Sadie quickly tries to embarrass Jenna by saying, "Jenna Hamilton tried to kill herself...again!"

In a subplot, Ming is concerned as to why Fred, the boy she hit it off with at a party in an earlier episode, has started to ignore her completely. She asks Becca, the head of the "Asian mafia," if she has seen him, and she claims to not know who he is. Becca gives Ming her glasses that she left in Becca's car, and a sheet of answers for a geometry test. Ming tries to speak to Fred in her math class, but he pretends to not notice her. Ming also gets a D on her test, while the other Asians got A's. Fred meets up with her in the sanctuary and explains that while he really likes her, he can never speak to her again. Becca is his ex-girlfriend, which explains why she gave Ming the wrong answers to the test. He also clarifies the difference between an Asian Bitch and a White Bitch. While a White Bitch lets her victim know that she is the cause of his/her destruction, and Asian Bitch follows the way of the ninja, being everywhere and nowhere, and slowly breaks her victim down. Ming is terrified, as she already knows of Becca's apparent omnipotence. She puts on her glasses only to realize Becca has changed her prescription.



Guest Stars[]


  • Thieving Irons - "So Long"

(scene: In Dad's apartment, Jenna blogs and resists the urge to text Jake)

  • Cultfever - "Strangenecks"

(scene: Tamara, Jenna, and Ming sit on a bench and talk while Jake preps the Wheel of Pep)

  • People Get Ready - "Disappear"

(scene: Jenna raises her hand to participate in the wheel of Pep, Sadie calls her up)

  • The Skeptics Present Envy - "Party Down"

(scene: Jake calls Matty to the Wheel of Pep)

  • Baron Bane - "My Slow World"

(scene: Jenna blogs about the damage she's done, then interacts with the mystery commenter)

  • The Dagons - "Heaven Wasn't In The Sky"

(scene: Jenna, Tamara, and Ming in the slut wagon talk about the blog getting out)