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Hunter at the party
Full name: Hunter
Gender: Female
Age: 19-20
Occupation: Former Student at Palos Hills High School
Friends: Jenna Hamilton
Relationships: Matty McKibben (sexual hook-up)
Portrayed by: McKaley Miller
First Appearance: Old Jenna
Last Appearance: Old Jenna

Hunter is a character on Awkward. She appeared in Old Jenna.


She was in Mr. Hart's class when she was a senior. She graduated 2 years ago not passing his class because she was always dating the wrong guys and constantly fighting with her best friends.

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Old Jenna', she visits Mr. Harts class for spring break and gets asked to substitute by Mr. Hart, basically by leaving the classroom and her in charge. She befriends Jenna. She goes to the St. Matty's party for St. Patricks Day. She is seen making out with Matty McKibben, and it is revealed that Hunter was the old girl who took Matty's virginity. At 4 a.m., she asks if Jenna needs another blanket. In the morning, Jenna offers to make Hunter coffee. Jake asked Matty if he revisited some history, but declined because she got really drunk and threw up on herself. He put her to bed, and she left when she sobered up.

Physical Appearance[]

She is tall with long blonde hair and a welcoming smile.


She is confident and relatable, having been at Palos Hills, graduating only two years ago. She has a strong sense of humour and a strong self-drive. 


Matty McKibben

  • Status: Ended
    • Reason: Hook-up


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  • Her favorite book is Unraveled by Russell Jonathan.
  • She slept with many freshmans when she was a senior, including Matty McKibben.