I Am Jenna Hamilton
Season 1, Episode 11
I Am Jenna Hamilton
Air date September 27, 2011
Written by Erin Ehrlich & Lauren Lungerich
Directed by Patrick Norris
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I Am Jenna Hamilton is the eleventh episode of the first season. It was first broadcast on September 27, 2011.


Romance is in the air, and everyone is excited about the Winter Formal. Even though Jenna is longing for the big ask, she tries not to let Matty’s laid- back attitude disappoint her. But when Sadie taints Jenna’s nomination for Formal Princess and Matty fails to tell Jake about their relationship, Jenna reaches her boiling point.


Matty and Jenna have barbecue with Jenna's parents, and they discuss the upcoming formal dance. Matty doesn't actually ask Jenna to the dance, but does ask her what color dress she will be wearing. Later, while still not asking her to the dance, he asks her if she is a limo girl or not. Jenna sees several boys going to great lengths to make a "big ask," by dressing up as apes, popping out of coffins, etc.

Jake asks Jenna to the dance by giving her a mix cd, which has "Will you go to the dance with me?" printed on it. She tells him that she can't go with him because she already has a date. Matty and Jake talk about the Formal, and Jake tells Matty about being turned down by Jenna. Matty almost tells Jake about going with Jenna, but chickens out, and later asks Jenna if it would be okay if they skip the Formal (because he doesn't want to hurt Jake, but he doesn't tell Jenna that).

Meanwhile, Sadie manages to steal Jenna's file, with the letter in it. Jenna is surprised to be nominated for Sophomore Princess, but then discovers that the ballot has her letter printed on the back of it. Jenna decides that she deserves more than Matty has offered, and tells him that she won't go out with him that night, to the Formal, or anywhere.

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  • Shelley O'Brien - "Turn To Spring"

(scene: Matty hangs out with Jenna and her parents)

  • Apple Horse - "Grandfather Clocks"

(scene: Tamara gets asked to prom)

  • Imperial Mammoth - "Culture Assassins!!"

(scene: Jenna calls her Mom with the good news)

  • Killabite - "Wha-Chowt!"

(scene: People read the letter)

  • Telekinesis - "Car Crash"

(scene: Jake talks to Jenna on the lawn)

  • The Kissaway Trail - "New Year"

(scene: Matty and Jenna talk in the hall)

  • James Kerans - "Ammunition"

(scene: Jenna confronts Matty)

  • Standfast - "Devil"

(scene: Jenna's Mom shows her the dresses)

  • Yael Meyer - "All Around Me"

(scene: Matty and Jake fight)

  • Winterpills - "Beesting"

(scene: Jake walks through the halls)

  • Eliza Doolittle - "Nobody"

(scene: Jenna talks to Jake about prom)

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