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Jake Rosati
Full name: Jacob Rosati
Alias: Jake, Sugar Booger, Jerk Rosati
Gender: Male
Age: 16-18
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Titans Athlete
Prisoner (Prison Breaks)
Relatives: Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Younger Sister

Friends: Matty McKibben (best friend)
Tamara Kaplan
Ming Huang
Lissa Miller
Jenna Hamilton
Sadie Saxton
Relationships: Jenna Hamilton (ex-girlfriend)
Lissa Miller (girlfriend)
Tamara Kaplan (ex-girlfriend)
Gabby Richards (one-night-stand, ex-girlfriend)
Portrayed by: Brett Davern
First Appearance: Pilot

Jacob Rosati is a main character and male protagonist of Awkward. He lives in Palos Hills, California and attends Palos Hills High School with best friend Matty McKibben.

Before the beginning of the series, he dated Lissa Miller, until he realized his feelings for Jenna Hamilton, and they briefly dated until Jenna was forced to choose between Matty and Jake, in the end she chose Matty and Jake began a relationship with Tamara Kaplan, until they broke-up.

He is played by Brett Davern.


He is popular, smart, cute, and outgoing. Jake is best friends with Matty McKibben and started off dating Lissa in the beginning of Season One, but eventually broke up with her due to his feelings for Jenna and the way Lissa and Sadie treat him. Unlike Matty, who thinks with the team, Jake thinks for himself. 

He leads, rather than follows, and is a sensitive guy with a heart of gold. Jake and Jenna grow closer, leading him to develop a crush on her. At first Jenna does not reciprocate these feelings, but she eventually realizes that he is kind, honest, and thoughtful towards her. He doesn't mind being seen in public with Jenna, unlike Matty, and he doesn't care about what other people think of him. In the Season One finale, Jake and Jenna become a couple at the Winter Formal, but he breaks up with Jenna cause he finds out Matty and Jenna had a relationship (so he thinks).  He is currently dating Jenna's best friend Tamara .

Season 1

He is portrayed as Matty's best friend from the beginning of the season. Later, he develops feelings for Jenna and kisses her. Jenna then decides to leave Matty for him.

Season 2

Jenna and Jake are still together until Jake finds out about Matty and Jenna's history. Jake didn't know that Matty was trying to seduce Jenna whilst they were dating; Jenna tried to avoid Matty. When he found out about Matty and Jenna from Sadie at "Auntie Ally"'s wedding, he breaks up with Jenna not knowing that she left him a voice mail pronouncing that she loved him. He was shocked because he had been waiting for her to say that.  So he goes to Jenna's house but he sees Matty and Jenna kissing on Jenna's bed at Jenna's house. After that, Jenna and Matty were not an item but Jake thought they were. Just like last time, Jake was the person that spinned the wheel "of shame" and he asks for 2 volunteers. Jenna puts her hand up and volunteers. Jake wants to embarasse Jenna and Matty for what they did so, after Jenna comes on to the stage, he suggests that Matty comes on the stage too with Jenna so he can make them admit to what they did. Matty doesn't want to, but Jake says "Matty" lots of times, making everybody there saying it. Jake spins the wheel and he stops to a category to admitting secrets or lies. He is asking numerous times to Matty what he has to say, but he doesn't answer. Jake gets angry so he asks rudely. Matty says no again. So Jake punches him twice and Matty punches 1, knocking Jake on the ground and after Matty says after he hits the ground " Yeah, that's right, I f***ed your girlfriend. Later on they talk and come to their senses and they decide that a girl doesn't come inbetween their friendship. So in the hall, when Jenna sees them, Matty says " It's Jake or Me? " Jenna picks Matty but Jake doesn't seem to heart broken. But on the season finale, he talks to Tamara and they end up kissing which means they are a couple. 

Season 3

Jake and Tamara are now a couple. Their relationship is very steady as Jenna's love interests in a Season 3 are Matty and Collin. They are exploring sex together. Jake breaks up with Tamara in The Campaign Fail.

Season Four

Jake and Tamara battle for concert tickets in After Hours, much to displeasure of their teachers and fellow students. After councelling with Valerie, Jake surrenders both tickets to Tamara. To get back at her, Jake tweets that he is spending his time at a hot tub with several beautiful girls, while in reality he is sittign at home watching porn.