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McKibben's are winners.
— James to Matty in Fateful
James McKibben
Full name: James McKibben
Gender: Male
Age: 20's
Relatives: Matty McKibben (possible adoptive/younger brother)
Jim McKibben (possible adoptive/father)
Ms. McKibben (possible adoptive/mother)
Relationships: Olivia (ex-girlfriend)
Portrayed by: Zachary Abel
First Appearance: Over My Dead Body
Last Appearance: Fateful

James McKibben is Matty's brother. In Season 1 it is revealed that he is going out with Olivia. He is often drunk and influences his brother greatly.

He is played by Zachary Abel.


James McKibben is the son of Barbara and Jim McKibben, it is unknown whether or not he is adopted like Matty, although it is most likely that James is in fact the conceived son of the McKibben's.

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Over My Dead Body', James stumbles outside the front lawn of the McKibben house where he finds Jenna and Matty making out on the front entrance. He enquires, drunkedly, with Matty becoming irritated, helping James inside and sending Jenna home rather appruptly. 

In 'Fateful', James and his friends are playing poker with Matty. James tells Matty to call her (Jenna) already. They discuss Matty's situation and gives him advice on what to do. 

Physical Appearance[]

He has a rugged surfer vibe/look to himself.


He is a very laid back person, and is supportive of his brother.



  • Status: Ended
    • Reason: On-off again relationship

Matty McKibben

  • Status: Adopted Brother

Barbara McKibben

  • Status: Mother

Jim McKibben

  • Status: Father


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  • Matty beat him and his friends at Poker in Fateful