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Hunter wait. How did you pass Hart's class?
— Jenna Hamilton
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Jenna Hamilton
Jenna hamilton
Full name: Jenna P. Hamilton
Alias: Invisible Girl
That Girl
Lil' Bitch
Homewrecker Hamilton
Gender: Female
Age: 16, 17, 18, 19
Occupation: College Student
Relatives: Kevin Hamilton (father)
Lacey Hamilton (mother)
Morgan Hamilton (sister)
Unnamed grandparents
Friends: Tamara Kaplan (best friend forever)
Jake Rosati (ex-boyfriend)
Ming Huang ( Former best friend)
Ricky Schwartz
Relationships: Matty McKibben (Boyfriend/Future Husband)
Jake Rosati (ex-boyfriend)
Collin Jennings (ex-boyfriend

Luke (ex-boyfriend)
Eoghan (ex-fling)

Enemies: Sadie Saxton, Eva, Collin Jennings, Gabby

Jenna P. Hamilton is the main character of Awkward. She portrayed is portrayed by Ashley Rickards.

Early life

Jenna P. Hamilton is the main character, who the series is focuses on. She is the daughter of Lacey and Kevin Hamilton, who had Jenna when they were seventeen, Jenna was born on December 2, 1995 in Los Angeles at 7:32 P.M. Since her folks had her at a youthful age, they are whimsical and humiliating towards Jenna, as they both endeavor to be her companion as opposed to a parent. She is best friends with Tamara and Ming Huang. She has her own blog, I am Jenna, where she wrote about whatever problem she was going through at the time. In later seasons, she ditched the blog, and started narrating the situations she was going through in her head.

First half of Sophomore year

While working at a summer camp, Jenna loses her virginity to her longstanding crush Matty McKibben. While he does like her, Matty does not want to be seen with her so they date in secret. In the meantime, she receives an anonymous "carefrontation" letter about how she could disappear and no one would notice. This leads her to having an accident in her bathroom which appears as a suicide attempt.

This situation makes Jenna infamous at her high school; being constantly referred to as "that girl", with varying crazy stories over how she tried to kill herself. She gets noticed by Matty's best friend, Jake Rosati. Little by little, they get to know each other and Jake eventually kisses her as he has developed feelings for her, though he already has a girlfriend.

At the end of the first season, Jenna decides to go to the year's Formal with Jake, but only as friends, as she is still uncertain about Matty, who did not explicitly invite her. At the dance, she realizes that she can no longer wait for Matty (who she thinks is still undecided, but who now truly wants to commit) and starts a relationship with Jake. It is also revealed that it was her mother Lacey, who wrote the letter.

Second half of Sophomore year

In the aftermath of the letter-revelation, Jenna refuses to talk to her mother until she tells the truth to her father. Jenna's mother finally admits it to her husband, which causes them to separate temporarily. Jenna's relationship with Jake goes smoothly until Matty tries to sabotage it. Becoming jealous of Matty's new girlfriend, Jenna questions her relationship with Jake. After Jake tells her he loves her, she considers making love with him as she thinks it might clarify her feelings for him. Jenna finally realizes she is in love with Jake, declaring her love for him in a voice mail while at Aunt Ally's wedding. However, after Sadie Saxton tells him about Matty and Jenna's past, he breaks up with her. Matty comes over to her house to comfort her and she admits she still has feelings for him. They passionately share a kiss, which is seen by Jake, who stood outside as he was on the point to make up with her.

Jenna tries to fix things with Jake but he keeps ignoring her. He sends her a picture of her and Matty making out, showing that he now knows everything. She tries again several times to explain to him what happened but he says he cannot trust her anymore. In the meantime, Jake stops being friends with Matty and the two get into a fight.

Jenna decides to forward her blog to everyone so Jake can see the whole truth. The next day at school Jenna asks Jake if he read her blog and he tells her that she has humiliated him. However, after watching a film in French class, Jake and Matty decide to patch things up between them but they reveal to each other that they are both still in love with Jenna. They then tell Jenna that she has to pick between the pair. In deciding, Jenna imagines alternate scenes where she chooses one over another. She eventually chooses Matty but soon begins to have second thoughts as she decides to spend the summer with Matty while Jake will go to Europe with Tamara.

Junior year

Fall Semester

In Season 3A, Jenna and Matty have been dating for over six months, and are about to start their junior year. She feels confused over whether she should have gone to Europe since her friends had all these new experiences without her, but Tamara, who is now officially dating Jake, assures her that they will always be best friends. Once school starts, Jenna is put into an advanced writing class run by Mr.Hart, who's known for being hard on his students. She initially tries to get out of the class, but Val convinces her that she needs to grow and try new things. It's revealed that the reason behind Jenna's new-found anxiety is that she might be pregnant after having unprotected sex with Matty one time during the summer. When it turns out to be a false alarm, her mother decides to help Jenna get on birth control, but warns her not to tell Matty about the pregnancy scare. She later tells Jake during Ricky Schwartz's vigil/keg party, which causes Matty to get upset and leave. She believes that Matty might break up with her when he tells her they need to talk.

He instead explains that he felt jealous over how she can easily talk to Jake. Jenna explains that she is insecure sometimes about their relationship since Matty didn't want to be seen with her, but he assures her that he was never embarrassed by her. Jenna's father then discovers her birth-control pills, and calls Matty's parents to tell them that their children are having sex. This leads to an uncomfortable dinner between Jenna and Matty's families. While things seem to be going okay, Matty's mother ends up getting into a fight with Lacey over her decision to put Jenna on the pill. This causes Matty to get into a fight with his parents over how they treated Jenna's family. He temporarily stays at the Hamilton house, but soon makes up with his parents and moves back in with them. After being called out by Mr. Hart for not taking risks, Jenna decides to read an excerpt from her blog for an open-mic night. The reading goes well, and she ends up staying behind to hang out with Collin, a guy from her English class.

Spring Semester

In season 3B, Jenna begins to develop feeling for Collin, leading her to cheat on Matty. She tries her best to break it off with Colin, but always ends up making out with him. It's all out in the open, Jenna gets caught at her surprise party and she and Matty later break up. Jenna maintains her relationship with Collin, which causes her to go downward by having sex with him simply because she doesn't want to lose him, later using pot, and even having ecstasy placed into her drink by Collins' ex-girlfriend. Jenna recognizes that she has reached rock bottom and wishes to reconcile with her friends and family. When Jenna confronts Colin the next day at school, blaming him for leading her into a dangerous world, she discovers that he was still sleeping with his Ex while he and Jenna were together, making Jenna's decision to break up with him that much simpler. She apologizes to everyone for her behavior after she dropped Colin from her life. Her friends and family forgive her, but they won't forget, because they keep reminding her about her troublesome period in later seasons at every opportunity.

When the Junior Prom comes around, Jenna realizes she still loves Matty and attempts to win him back but discovers that he was oblivious of wanting to get back together, and goes to the Prom with Jenna's new friend, Bailey, whom she met in Counseling, but Bailey initially rejects his invitation to go, but goes after Jenna convinces her to, when she embraces the truth that Matty's happiness is worth it. Jenna eventually discovers her independence and dances the night away as the season concludes.

Senior year pt 1

Fall Semester

In Season 4A, Jenna is in her senior year and hoping to make amends for Junior year's mishaps. She attempts being more involved in school, improving her academics, preparing for college and rekindling her relationship with Matty. Matty gets a job and continues to be friends with Jenna. They end up having sex and his evasion afterwards leads Jenna to think he is embarrassed to be with her. In sympathy, Matty and Jenna become friends with benefits. Jenna eventually ends it and becomes romantically involved with Luke, a college freshman. This causes more friction between Matty and Jenna and to compensate, Jenna tries to get him and Eva together. Jenna realizes that she hasn't truly let Matty go, which puts strain on her relationship with Luke as Matty and Jenna argue whenever they see each other due to Eva causing trouble. Eva black-mails Sadie so Austin breaks up with her and tries to make Jenna jealous, including by leaving her underwear in Jenna's bed, so that it looks like she and Matty slept together. The mid-season ends with Luke and Jenna breaking up, Eva being caught in her lies, Tamara and Jake becoming friends, and Mr. Hamilton being injured.

Winter Semester

In Season 4B, On New Years, Matty, Jenna, Jake and Tamara get together and decide to crash Sadie's aunt's party. Meanwhile, college acceptances are rolling in and it seems as though everyone's been accepted except Jenna. Jenna attempts to get into Lockard University, but while she doesn't get accepted, her mother does. On Matty's 18th birthday, Jenna competes with his new girlfriend Gabby, only to realize Gabby is genuinely nice and means no harm. Jenna confesses to Matty that she feels like Gabby's virginity is worth waiting for, and that her own wasn't. Matty argues and tells her that he didn't want to be alone when he opened a letter which would tell him who his birth parents are, which showed how much Jenna means to him. After Matty's disappointment of discovering that his birth mother does not want to be found, Jenna comforts him and the two end up kissing. Jenna tells him she can't because he needs to be loyal to Gabby but Matty says, "It's us. It's kinda different, goes a bit beyond the rules of high school." During spring break, Jenna locates Matty's father and they plan to meet him in Mexico. Matty goes to the beach to get away from things but instead sees Jenna and her new date in the distance. The season ends with Matty staring at Jenna in the distance on the beach, wondering whether he has lost his chance of true love.

Second half of senior year

Spring Semester

In season 5A, Jenna and Matty have a bumpy ride as Jenna finds out that she does really love him but doesn't know how to tell him. Tamara breaks up with Adam after Jenna told everyone the truth about the fake engagement during the engagement party. Jenna decides to go to Wykcoff whilst Matty goes to Berkeley on a soccer scholarship and Sadie and Tamara go to New York. The mid-season ends when Matty confesses his love to Jenna at the Senior prom and they get back together. On graduation day, Matty tells Jenna that his soccer practice starts the day after their graduation and he had to leave straight away. Devastated that they are going to be on different sides of the country, Jenna decides to spend the summer with Matty at Berkeley. Season 5A ends with Jenna and Matty arriving at Berkeley.

College and Life

In Season 5B, Jenna arrives home after her first year of college alongside Tamara, Sadie, Matty and Lissa. Jenna is shocked to find that over college, Sadie and Tamara have become really close and she believes Tamara has forgotten about her. However, Jenna and Matty had split over the year and no one knew why until she told the story. While everyone was attempting to figure out what went down, Jenna got a summer internship at Idea Bin, an online writing company, where she rekindled her romance with Luke, who got her the internship. Lacey and Kevin had a baby who cries every time Jenna is near, as she has been away for a whole year. In the episode "WTF Happened Last Year" While working a late night with Luke, Jenna reveals what went down during everyone's first year of college, and also tells the story of Matty and her separation. In the story, Matty paid her a visit on Halloween, he decided to transfer to Wyckoff in order to be closer to Jenna and because he despised Berkeley. Jenna, on the other hand, does not want him to transfer only because of her, which irritates Matty because she does not believe it is appropriate for them to attend the same school and rather that they remain miles away. It was also revealed that they haven't spoken to each other in 7 months after that incident.

Jenna meets Matty's girlfriend Sully who is a party girl. She tells Jenna how a girl, not knowing that it was Jenna at the time, had screwed Matty over and made him depressed. Matty and Lacey go to the same German summer school and become partners, therefore Jenna always sees him around the house when he and her mother are working together.

In the episode "Fireworks," Jenna and Matty resolve to put their differences behind them and put the past behind them. In the episode, "Digging Deep" The unresolved tension is brought back to the surface after Matty finds out that Jenna wrote a expose on their relationship when they were in high school, but Jenna didn't know that her article was going to be on the front page of Idea Bin, and she tries to take it down, but Matty wasn't upset it was on the front page, he was upset over that she wrote it in the first place. In the episode, "Misadventures In Babysitting" While Jenna was having difficulty babysitting Morgan, and Lacey and Kevin were enjoying their first romantic weekend since delivering the baby, Matty came by to pick up an assignment that he was supposed to finish with Lacey in their German class, but agreed to stay when Jenna begged him to. Jenna apologized for writing the expose that wrecked their newfound friendship after they were able to put Morgan to sleep, and Matty forgave her. He was about to kiss her because the room they were in was silent, but Morgan woke up, preventing him from making a mistake because he was still dating Sully.

Later in the season, Jenna decides to transfer to SCU to be closer to Luke even though she enjoys Wyckoff. At the end of the summer, Camp Pookah was closing for good and they all decide to go to their last day. There, Matty takes Jenna to the closet where they first had sex 4 years ago and Jenna talked about how Matty knew nothing about her then but know he knows her better than anyone. Matty tells Jenna that he still loves her but that she choose herself first and that she shouldn't and doesn't need to transfer to SCU. Throughout his talk, Matty twirls a ring made by one of the children in his fingers, supposedly for Jenna. They end up kissing and getting back together and the series ends with everyone including Val, her parents, Ally and all her friends, including Matty, sitting round the campfire, having fun.


Matty McKibben
  1. Going out
Jake Rosati
  1. Boyfriend


  • She was one of the many main characters to appear in every episode
  • Her birthday is December 2nd, celebrated in My Super Bittersweet Sixteen and Surprise! and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • Her personality stays the same until Season 3, but matures in Season 4
  • She, Ming and Tamara all changed their hairstyles at some point in Season 3.
  • She is the only character in the show to have teen parents.
  • She is the second female character in the show to have the most enemies.
  • Jenna is the only female character to have the most love interests:
  • She is the only character to have voiceovers.
  • She kissed the most boys in the show.
  • She is the most eccentric female character of the show.
  • Was the last female lead character to take big risks; her story arc in season 3, other female leads have taken risks prior to this;
    • Tamara - Threatened to kill Ricky after spotting him kissing another girl during assembly.
    • Sadie - Took a picture of Jenna naked and threaten and make fun of others.
    • Ming - Punched Becca in the face and became the leader of the Asian Mafia.
    • Lacey - Sent the care-frontation letter to Jenna.
    • Valerie - Gives unconventual advice to others, which can appear illegal or misunderstood. She also appeared to bully/had a not very nice relationship with her former PA.