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Jim McKibben
Full name: Jim McKibben
Alias: Mr. McKibben
Gender: Male
Age: 40's
Relatives: Ms. McKibben (ex-wife)
James McKibben (possible adopted/son)
Matty McKibben (adopted son)
Relationships: Ms. McKibben (ex-wife)
Enemies: Ms. McKibben
Portrayed by: Matt Corboy
First Appearance: Let's Talk About Sex

Jim McKibben is adopted father of Matty McKibben.

He is portrayed by Matt Corboy


Jim McKibben married Barbara McKibben and they either adopted or conceived James McKibben, then adopted Matty McKibben some time after. 

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Let's Talk About Sex', he and Barbara McKibben come over to Jenna's after receiving a call from Kevin Hamilton about there son having sex with Jenna. They force Matty to apologise for having sex with Jenna and then proceed to join the Hamilton's for some Chinese takeout at the request of Lacey and approval of Jim.

In 'Crowning Moments', he is seen with Barbara McKibben putting on a loving act and supporting his son for the scout that has come out to see Matty play. Matty sabotages the opportunity to spite his parents and they are both angry and disappointed.

Physical Appearance[]

James McKibben is a tall man with a traditional all business look. 


He is a conservative man with a no nonsense attitude which he uses as a front, yet he is seen to counter his wife's traditional values and is more laid back. 


Barbara McKibben

James McKibben

  • Status: Adopted Son / Son

Matty McKibben

  • Status: Adopted Son


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  • His name is Jim, which is a nickname of the name James, meaning that James McKibben was named after him.