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Karmic Relief is the 19th episode of Season 3. It is a one-hour special. It airs on December 10 2013.


Jenna and her Mom fight to get Val's job back while the Chinese Mafia does some housekeeping. Prom dates are lining up while Jenna waits for the expected invite from Matty.


Jenna helps Val get her job back, who is now working at a liquor store. Ming is being overthrown from her position on the Asian Mafia. Matty asks Jenna if it's okay to take Bailey to prom.



Guest Stars[]


  • Braves - “Heartslur II”

(scene: Jenna, Bailey and Matty remark about Matty’s fake ID)

  • Vic and Gab - “Call Me When You Can”

(scene: Matty walks with Jenna, sees prom tickets for sale)

  • Tashaki Miyaki - “Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin'”

(scene: Matty asks Jake, Tamara and Jenna about asking someone to prom)

  • Steed Lord - “One On One”

(scene: Tamara talks to the dress store clerk)

  • Lindbergh Palace - “1986”

(scene: Ming tells Jenna and T about the incident in the dressing room; Jenna talks to Bailey and Sadie)

  • Glowbug - “Heatwave”

(scene: Various people say what Val has done to help them)

  • Small Black - “Breathless”

(scene: Matty and Bailey try to fix the t-shirts)

  • Louise Burns - “Emerald’s Shatter”

(scene: Jenna sees prom tickets fall out of Matty’s pocket; she tells Tamara he’s asking her to prom)

  • Old Man Canyon - “Take Me Higher”

(scene: Ming and Fred make out in the car and wonder about their future)

  • New Found Land - “The Hunter”

(scene: Jenna thinks Matty is going to ask her to prom)