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Kristy Patton
-REVIEW- Awkward – 3x07 – Guilt Trippin' (2)
Full name: Kristy Patton
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Former Student at Palos Hills High School
Former Drug Dealer
Friends: Jenna Hamilton (former friend)
Enemies: The Cop who arrested her (assumed)
Portrayed by: Nora Sakal
First Appearance: Guilt Trippin
Last Appearance: Guilt Trippin

Kristy Patton is a former friend of Jenna Hamilton and a drug dealer.

She was played by Nora Sakal.


Kristy and Jenna were best friends in the fourth grade, but stopped being friends when Kristy started eating chalk. In High School she started dealing drugs. 

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Guilt Trippin', Jenna starts to feel guilty that she has a date to the school dance and most other girls don't have one, like Kristy. Jenna begins to watch over Kristy and notices her writing in her diary, assuming it is her writing about her sad feelings and watches her throwing her lunch in the trash. She is later seen coming out of Valerie's office, appearing like she's crying.

Later at the Dance, a guy almost approaches Kristy, making Jenna feel less guilty, but this was a false alarm. Jenna later talks to Kristy reassuring her that there's a guy out there for her, but Kristy points out that she's not interested in love or dates, and that she's a drug dealer; her diary was her counting her currency from customers, her lunch in the trash was a drop-by and her crying appearance was her high from the drugs. She then offers Jenna some pills to take her stress away, but a police officer, disguised as a teenager and one of Kristy's "customers" arrests her.

Physical Appearance[]

She has shoulder-length blonde hair and is roughly the same height as Jenna. She always appears to look high and disheveled 


Kristy doesn't seem to be generally happy person. She is also a skilled salesman, but not smart enough since she got caught selling drugs by an undercover cop.


Jenna Hamilton

Status: Former Childhood Friends


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  • She get's arrested due to selling drugs illegally.