The Lacey-Jenna Relationship, commonly known as Jacey is the relationship between mother and daughter Lacey Hamilton and Jenna Hamilton

Lacey is the biological mother of Jenna Hamilton. She had Jenna when she was a teenager and as a result she tries to be Jenna's sister or best friend rather than her mother. However at the end of Season 1, Jenna finds out that it was her mother who sent her the care-frontation letter, but Jenna later confronts her about this and Lacey later apologizes. Although despite this, they both love each other despite their differences and views on life. As of the start of Season 3 their relationship has grown much more closer, when Jenna confronts her mother and tells her about her pregnancy scare and also helps her get onto the pill, but as of now, Jenna has lost Lacey's trust because of her new personality change. But there relationship has grown much closer again since she changed her personality back after realizing her mistake.

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