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Lacey Hamilton
Full name: Lacey Hamilton
Alias: L-Dog, Lace
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Occupation: Housewife
Former Nurse at Palos Hills High School
Relatives: Kevin Hamilton (husband)
Jenna Hamilton (daughter)
Kevin's Parents (in-laws)
Morgan Hamilton (Daughter)
Friends: Valerie Marks (best friend)
Ally Saxton (best friend)
Kevin Hamilton
Matty McKibben
Sadie Saxton
Relationships: Kevin Hamilton {huband}
Enemies: Ms. McKibben
Portrayed by: Nikki DeLoach
First Appearance: Pilot

Lacey Hamilton is one of the female leads and protagonist on AwkwardShe is the wife and love interest of Kevin Hamilton and the mother of Jenna Hamilton, as a result of a teenage pregnancy.

Although at the start of the series, she was portrayed as the attractive and ditzy mother of Jenna. She was also self-centered and a little vain. She wrote Jenna a care-frontation letter which resulted in an misunderstanding, and after Kevin found out he and Lacey separated, but they quickly made up and got back together.

Later on in the series, she becomes less superficial and nicer to others after realizing the mistake she has made with the care-fronatation letter, however she is still portrayed as somewhat of a "bombshell".

She is also best friends with Aunt Ally and later Valerie Marks.


Lacey Hamilton is Jenna's mother who is clueless about raising a child. She is married to Kevin Hamilton . A superficial plastic surgery fanatic, she had Jenna when she was a teenager, and gave up on her dreams of going to college, using the funds to get breast implants instead.

Although she cannot properly show it, Lacey loves her daughter Jenna, even going so far to give her the dress Lacey's mother (Jenna's grandmother) wore when she was a young model. Lacey finds it easy to find faults in her daughter, because she wants Jenna to have everything Lacey could not have after becoming pregnant. Lacey even goes so far to "help" her daughter change her image by writing her the Care-frontation letter.

Her writing of the letter has that entire branch of her family in shambles; she temporarily loses her daughter's respect and Kevin moves out, much to both of their dismay. At Ally's wedding, her ex-boyfriend Ben appears and begins making moves on her. In the immediate aftermath of the wedding, Jenna inconspicuously finds them kissing at the poolside, further to her dismay. The next day, Jenna informs her that Kevin may want a divorce, which makes things worse.By the End of the Season Kevin and Lacey Get back together.


"And I am not a hippie! What hippie do you know has fake boobs!"