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Let's Talk About Sex is the fourth episode of the third season, and aired on April 30, 2013 on MTV.


When Jenna's dad learns that she's on the pill he reacts badly and calls Matty's parents. Meanwhile Sadie must deal with how an injured Lissa affects the cheer squad.


Jenna's dad finds out that she and Matty are sexually active and proceeds to tell Matty's parents. The McKibbens come over for dinner, which doesn't end well, as the women get into an argument over their different parenting styles. Meanwhile, Tamara and Jake are contemplating sex for the first time.



Guest Stars[]


  • Saskwatch - "Your Love"

(scene: Jenna is in the kitchen as she thinks about her secrets)

  • Shadows On Stars - "Sweatpant Bandits"

(scene: Sadie barks orders at the other cheerleaders, who are gossiping about her)

  • The Moor - "Mean Mean Mean"

(scene: Jenna’s Dad talks to her about STDs)

  • Shadows On Stars - "Now You’re Mine"

(scene: Tamara finds out she’s on the cheerleading team, calls Jake to tell him she’s ready)

  • Wildlife - "Two Hearts Race"

(scene: Jake takes Tamara to his “Love Van”)

  • Madi Diaz - "Heavy Heart"

(scene: Tamara and Jake discuss their relationship and planning their “first time”)

  • Donora - "Hold My Hand"

(scene: Jake and Tamara are in bed, Jake tells Tamara he loves her)

  • Wild Nothing - Nocturne

(scene: Jenna and Tamara talk on the phone, Jenna blogs, then starts her paper)