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S-T-O-P! Keep your thing away from me!
— Lissa
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Lissa Miller
Full name: Lissa Miller
Alias: Lissa, My Darling Lissa, Liss, Good Christian Girl
Gender: Female
Age: 16-18
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Head Cheerleader for the Titans Cheerleaders
Former Assistant Chef at Food Truck
Relatives: Mr. Miller (Father)

Mrs. Miller (Mother)

Tyler (Adoptive Brother)

Friends: Sadie Saxton (best friend)
Jenna Hamilton
Clark Stevenson
Jake Rosati
Relationships: Jake Rosati (boyfriend)
Ricky Schwartz (sexual)
Tyler (ex-boyfriend)
Portrayed by: Greer Grammer
First Appearance: Pilot

Lissa Miller is a main character as of Season 3, and former recurring character of Season 1 and 2 of Awkward. She is the best friend of mean girl Sadie Saxton, a junior student at Palos Hills High School and head cheerleader. She lives in Palos Hills, California, with her parents and newly adoptive brother Tyler, whom she is hinted to have a crush on after she kissed him.

Lissa is portrayed as the stereotypical dim-witted blonde, who has a strong belief of her Christianity and abstinence, but she is later shown to have more depth as the series goes on and she is played as ditzy, but down-to-earth and likable.

She dated Jake Rosati before the beginning of the series until he broke-up with her to be with Jenna Hamilton. She also lost her virginity to Ricky Schwartz, and blamed herself for his death because of his allergy to nuts, but Sadie manages to talk her out of it.

She is played by Greer Grammer.


Lissa is Jake's ex-girlfriend. She is abstinent but told Jake he could have anal sex with her because that didn't count. She is quite ditzy and also best friends with Sadie. Lissa is very clear on her Christianity, but her friendship with Sadie drives her away from her morals. At first she doesn't like Jenna, because she begins to notice that Jake seems to prefer Jenna's company to her own. Later she realizes Sadie destroyed her relationship with Jake and goes against her.

Season 1

In Season 1, Lissa is shown to be very jealous of Jake's new friendship with Jenna. When she thought she was losing him to Jenna. She went as far as suggesting anal sex with Jake, which only pushed him closer to Jenna.

Throughout the episodes, Lissa was shown to be very ditzy as was shown when believed the word "cliche" meant stupid.

When Jake admits to kissing Jenna, Lissa shows how upset she is by publicly slapping Jenna.

Season 2

Lissa starts being nice to Jenna.

Season 3

Lissa learns that Sadie's is broke. Sadie breaks Lissa's neck after being told about the students talking about how her parents are broke. She most likely killed Ricky Schwartz after making out and having sex with him after eating Thai food. In Surprise!, her neckbrace gets taken off. In And Then What Happened, Val hits her with a bat when she was striking the piñata. She was ok until everyone heard a scream and ran out and trampled her. She comes to school to share her part of the flashback in her neckbrace.

Season 4

Lissa was in Africa in the Season 4 Premiere but than returned later in the episode. Her family adopted a Little Brother named Tyler. She said Tyler was two months old but than when all of the cheerleaders met Tyler he turned out to be a senior but two months when they met him and then adopted him. In Listen To This! Lissa learned about Sadie working in the food truck to earn money. In Snow Jobs Part 2 Lissa and Tyler make out in a bedroom after a storm hit the ski lodge making it lose power.


  • Jake Rosati
    • Start Up: Before Pilot
    • Break Up: No Doubt
      • Reason: Lissa and Sadie tried to get him to end his friendship with Jenna who he had feelings for