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Listen To This! is the second episode of Season 4 of Awkward. It aired on April 22, 2014.


Jenna struggles to communicate with Matty, thinking that his remoteness is about their recent hookup when it is actually about a big discovery he is keeping to himself. Meanwhile Tamara questions Jake's musical talent.


After hooking up with Matty that one night, Jenna is unsure of their status. Her life is then further complicated when she sustains a dental injury and ends up not being able to talk for twenty-four hours while she's desperately waiting for some answers from Matty.

Jenna ask Valerie for help to make more extra-curricular stuff for college, and she make Jenna go with the freshman girls in a new Mentor program that Valerie wants to do, and she stays Bussy by asian stuff like little trees. At the end, Matty reveals that he found out he was adopted and that was why he was shutting Jenna out, right after she berates him for not paying attention to her.

After Jenna suggests that Tamara has lost interest in Jake, she convinces herself that she's still in love with him nonetheless. Jake tell Tamara to listen to his song and she don't believe that he is good in music but when she finally listen the song, he tell Tamara that he want to break up with her.

Meanwhile, Sadie and Lissa get mad when Sadie goes out of the practice early, and Lissa give her an ultimatum: if she goes, she better don't come back. After Sadie see Lissa walking with Eva, She takes some girl and pretends to be her new friend.

Sadie goes with Jenna and tell her that she better no get closer with Lissa and Lissa saw both of them, thinking wrong. In the end, Sadie get into the school with her truck, and tell Lissa that the reason why she go out early is that she still broke and she needs to work and both friends decide to work out their relationship.



Guest Stars[]


  •  Echosmith - “Cool Kids”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara eat lunch at school)

  • Jake Rosati - “My Way To You” (click for free download)

(scene: Jake makes a music video)

  • The Breakups - “Better Off Alone”

(scene: Montage of Jenna peer counseling students)

  • Casey K. - “I’ll Find A Way”

(scene: Jenna talks to Sadie in the janitor’s closet after her trip to the dentist)

  • Hillary Hand - “Domino”

(scene: Jenna talks to Eva about the text she received from Matty)

  • Alaskan Summer - “If You Fall Asleep”

(scene: Tamara and Jake sit in Jake’s car and talk)

  • Communist Daughter - “Soundtrack to the End”

(scene: Jake breaks up with Tamara)

  • Marie Hines - “Always Been You”

(scene: Lissa and Sadie reconcile)

  • OurLives  - “Heart”

(scene: Matty tells Jenna that he is adopted)