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It must suck to be old and undesirable.
— Mackenzie to Jenna
Mackenzie playing "Chubby Bunny".
Full name: Mackenzie
Alias: Sophomore Slut
Gender: Female
Age: 15/16
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Friends: Matty McKibben
Jake Rosati
Enemies: Female Seniors of Palos Hills High School
Portrayed by: Haley Lu Richardson
First Appearance: Sophomore Sluts

 Mackenzie is a sophomore at Pallos Hills High School. 

She is portrayed by Haley Lu Richardson.


Mackenzie was originally a geeky freshman, but over the summer transformed into a sophmore slut. 

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Sophomore Sluts', Mackenzie is seen flirting with Matty and Jake with a large group of other Sophomore Sluts. Mackenzie is chosen to compete in the Chubby Bunny challenge for the Sophomores against the freshman, junior representatives and senior representative, Kyle Cohen. Mackenzie is then seen when the sophomores win best hallway, for their over the top jungle themed hallway, dancing in the middle provocatively and twerking. At the mall, outside of Matty's workplace, Mackenzie is seen hanging on Jake's arm and encourages Matty to quit his job to hang out with her and her friends. For the powder puff, Mackenzie is the team captain, and again is seen twerking with a 21 point lead over the seniors at half time. When the game resumes, Mackenzie calls Jenna old and undesirable and tugs as Jenna's hair. Eva then pulls out Mackenzie's fake pink extensions and all the seniors and sophomores fight with each other, yet the seniors still win Spirit Week for the first time 'in well ever'.

Mackenzie is then seen with Matty and Jake, drunk, watching while Matty's car crashes.

In 'Slut Shaming', she is seen ripping her shirt, Sadie remarks and slut shames her about her actions. She then states that she shouldn't be slut shamed, hardly remembering her lines due to the difficulty of the words. She is then credited as the "Hero" in Val's P.S.A "Slut-Shaming: Not as Sexy as You Think". She high-fives Val when provoked about Slutting, mainly staring and smiling at the camera, fixing up her hair. She is seen with Matty McKibben, when Val states that 1 in 3 high school girls are sluts. MacKenzie being the first to be honoured for being a slut, instead of shamed. The lights go out and Mackenzie claims that it is romantic and wraps her arms around Matty, this being caused by the Y-K-W (You Know Who, who also leaked the class ranking lits). Mackenzie states she has no decency and continues to caress Matty. Val then accuses her of being behind Y-K-W and calls her a barbie.

In 'Straight People are Basic', Mackenzie is the first straight person Cole and Theo visit. She is at her looker, again checking herself and making sure she looks good, smiling widely. Theo grabs a coffee out of her locker with a pink straw (basic), pink boots (basic), a yoga mat (basic), CD, "That's Adam Lambert, He's gay", Sophmore Slut (basic). Sadie Saxton walks by and starts swearing, getting the approval of Cole and Theo (Awesome).

In Straight People are Basic (Extended Version), Mackenzie is seen in directors cut footage of a failed fist bump between Sadie and Val and Matty and her looking the Y-K-W graffitied on the windows of the school from Slut Shaming.

Physical Appearance[]

Mackenzie is of a smaller build, thin with blonde hair, containing a wide variety of coloured extensions, supposedly standing for different sexual acts. 


Mackenzie is a straight out b***h. Young and self-conceived, she has a strong personality and a desire to win and achieve her best while looking her best. 


Matty McKibben

Status: Flirt

Jake Rosati

Status: Flirt


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  • Mackenzie beat three-time winner of the Chubby Bunny challenge Matty McKibben as he let Kyle Cohen take his place, and is currently the reigning champion.