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Full name: Daniel Duran
Gender: Male
Age: 30's-40's
Relatives: Matty McKibben (Son)
Portrayed by: Chris Bruno
First Appearance: Sprang Break (Part 1)
Last Appearance: Sprang Break (Part 2)

 Danny is an character introduced in the second part of the fourth season. He is the biological father of Matty McKibben.

He is portrayed by Chris Bruno.


Danny Duran had a relationship with Matty's Biological Mother, conceiving and having Matty and then putting him up for adoption for unknown reasons. 

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Over The Hump', Jenna gives Matty files with Danny's number, with his mother not wanting to be contacted, which leads to him setting up a meeting on Spring Break, being pushed by Jenna, supportively.

In 'Sprang Break (Part 1)', he introduces himself to Matty as Danny (short for Daniel Duran). They then sit down at a table and drink, discussing about their lives and how different they are, having opposing views and experiences.

In 'Sprang Break (Part 2)', Gabby and Matty go fishing with Danny. He is seen fishing with Matty shirtless, giving him a shell necklace. He expresses that as soon as he saw Matty (my Matt), that he knew who he was. He expresses that he had a good time fishing with Matty and Gabby, and then mistakes Gabby for Jenna, who set up and arranged the meeting, calling her his soulmate. 

Physical Appearance[]

Danny has a very strong surfer, beach vibe to himself, appearing unintellagable, espeically due to the way he speaks.


Danny displays a very relaxed and chilled vibe, never apologising for putting Matty up for adoption, knowing that it was the best thing to do. 



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  • It was confirmed that Matty's biological father will appear in Season 4 Part 2.