Ming Huang
Ming Huang Season 3 Promo Pic
Full name: Ming Fei Huang
Alias: White (Becca)
Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Occupation: Student at Palos Hills High School
Former Leader of the Asian Mafia
Relatives: Mrs. Huang (mother)
Peng Huang (father)
Unnamed Grandparents
Friends: Tamara Kaplan (best friend)
Jenna Hamilton (best friend)
Matty McKibben
Jake Rosati
Fred Wu
Relationships: Fred Wu
Henry (beard)
Enemies: Sadie Saxton
Portrayed by: Jessica Lu
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Who I Want To Be

Ming Huang is a former main female character of Awkward, and former recurring character of the first and second seasons. While she is known for her sense of fashion, Ming was also cautious, who was always on her toes because of the Asian Mafia's then-leader Becca.

She is best friends with Tamara Kaplan and Fred Wu who is also her boyfriend. She was best friends with Jenna Hamilton, until she began to date Collin Jennings, as well as changing her personality into a cruel and nasty person, but they have begun to rekindle their friendship after Jenna apolagized to her and her friends about being the cruel person she was to them.

She attended Palos Hills High School, where she is currently the new leader of the Asian Mafia

Her portrayer Jessica Lu, confirmed that Who I Want To Be is her last episode.

In No Woman is An Island, she is mentioned that she went off to boarding school so she can get into better colleges. After confusion between Jenna and Valerie, it is implied that the Asian Mafia kidnapped her.


Ming Huang is introduced as the best friend of Jenna Hamilton and Tamara Kaplan.

Season 1


She is first seen showing a sympathetic side to Jenna Hamilton, her best friend, alongside Tamara Kaplan, another best friend, after her accident. She is later seen having lunch with Jenna and Tamara until Jenna volunteers for Jake Rosati's prep rally.

Season 2

She gets caught up in the Asian group while trying to help Jenna in Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary. Ming eventually finds a boy that she likes, Fred Wu, although he used to be Becca's boyfriend so she tries to ruin Ming's life. Eventually Fred leaves Palos Hill High School because he is scared for Ming's safety. She swears to get revenge at the end of season 2.

Season 3

She becomes the leader of the Asian 'Mafia' after hitting Becca and putting her in her place. Ming and Fred get back together after she takes ahold of the mafia.

Phyical Appearance

Ming Huang

Ming as of Season 3B

Ming has a unique sense of style compared to the other female cast members (other than Valerie Marks). Her fashion choices appear to store-bought, but glued, cut and sewn to appear to be home-made,

even adding accessories such as buttons and ribbbons to make it twice as different. She also not usually seen without wearing specially made hats. She also wears glasses.

Ming has tan skin, and brown eyes, due to her Asian heritage. She is also about 5'5."

In Season 3, she switched her short black hair for long curly blonde hair.


Ming appears down-to-earth and generally kind, although she can get easily frustrated when her friends keep secrets from her.

She is laid back and intellegent, and also street smart, she is also shown to be unimpressed whenever she gets an A, most likely because she is used to it.


Family Relationships

  • Unnamed Parents - Mings parents are very strict and expect Ming to always respect their views and rules.


  • Tamara Kaplan (Status: Best Friends) - Ming is best friends with Tamara and they both share a close bond with each other, although Ming could get easily annoyed when she is the last to find out about everything between Tamara and Jenna Hamilton. Tamara and Ming were best friends with Jenna, until she began to change and started dating Collin Jennings, because of this Ming and Tamara grew even more closer as of Season 3.
  • Matty McKibben (Status: Friends/Possible crushes) - Not much is known about Ming and Matty's friendship/relationship as they rarely interact, other than it is hinted that they might have a crush on each other. In Jenna's Alternative Universe, Matty and Ming Make out.
  • Jake Rosati (Status: Friends) - Not much is known about Ming and Jake's friendship as they rarely interact, although they interact more in the episode And Then What Happened, when they both tried to piece together what happened during Jenna's 17th birthday party.
  • Fred Wu (Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend) - Ming and Fred had to keep their relationship a secret from Fred's vengeful ex and Ming's arch-nemisis, Becca. So Ming became Henry's "beard" so that Becca didn't lead to any suspicion to Ming and Fred were dating. Fred also had to move away a lot to protect himself and Ming from Becca's abusive power of the Asian Mafia, however after Ming defeated Becca, it became safe for Fred to come back and he and Ming began to take their relationship public.
  • Lissa (Status: Assumed Friends) - Ming and Lissa rarely interact, although while Lissa was talking about getting her neck-brace off, Ming was getting tired and bored off this.
  • Clark Stevenson (Status: Assumed Friends) - Ming and Clark have never made contact with each other although it can be assumed that they are friends, but if not then they are on friendly terms.
  • Members of the Asian Mafia (Status:Friends, colleagues/Former Enemies) - Before Ming became the new leader of the Asian Mafia, Ming was intimadated by the Mafia and would often have to whisper to her friends so that they wouldn't hear and report it back to its former leader Becca, however after punching Becca and putting her in her place, Ming became the new leader of the Asian Mafia.


Relationship with the Asian Mafia

Ming was nervous and saw the Asian Mafia's leader, Becca as the biggest threat. Ming liked to keep her personal life private but this was sometimes imopssible, as Becca always found out some off Ming's secrets. Whenever speaking to Jenna and Tamara about her relationships with Fred Wu or Henry, Ming would usually tell them to keep quiet or whisper as she feared that members of the Asian Mafia were listening. 

After punching the leader Becca and putting her in her place, Ming became the new leader of the Asian Mafia, and with her new power she changed her hairstye. She also has no need to fear the mafia anymore.

She gave up her power in the Asian Mafia back to Becca, after she wanted to be with Fred Wu in peace.

As of Season 4, Ming has transferred school's, but Valerie Marks has hinted that she has been kidnapped by the mafia.


  • Was in a relationship with Matty McKibben, in Jenna's alternative universe.
  • Is currently the leader of the Asian mafia, after punching Becca.
  • Her parents think she is gay because of her hairstyle and fashion sense.
  • Season 4 will be the first season not to feature her.
  • She is the first Awkward main cast member to leave the series.