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Ming Huang is a former main female character of Awkward, and former recurring character of the first and second seasons who was Jenna's other best friend.


While she is known for her sense of fashion, Ming was also cautious, who was always on her toes because of the Asian Mafia's then-leader Becca (Jessika Van). She is portrayed as a down-to-earth indie-style teenager with strict Chinese parents. Ming has a unique sense of style compared to the other female cast members (other than Valerie Marks). Her fashion choices appear to store-bought, but glued, cut and sewn to appear to be home-made, even adding accessories such as buttons and ribbons to make it twice as different. She also not usually seen without wearing specially made hats. She also wears glasses. In Season 3, she switched her short black hair for shoulder-length curly blonde hair.


In season 1, Ming gets mad at Jenna for telling Tamara about her secret relationship with Matty instead of telling her and because of that she feels left out, but still remains supportive of Jenna.

In season 2, she gets caught up in the Asian group while trying to help Jenna in Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary. Ming eventually finds a boy that she likes, Fred Wu, although he used to be Becca's boyfriend so she tries to ruin Ming's life. Eventually Fred leaves Palos Hill High School because he is scared for Ming's safety. She swears to get revenge at the end of season 2.

In season 3, she becomes the leader of the Asian 'Mafia' after hitting Becca and putting her in her place. Ming and Fred get back together after she takes hold of the mafia. But her reign comes to an end, and soon finds out that Becca returned to Palos Hills, and is trying to overthrow Ming. When she and Becca meet in Karmic Relief.

They cut a deal if Ming steps down as leader, Becca will leave her and Fred Wu alone, which Becca refused to do at first, but when Ming brought Wayne into the conversation, Becca eventually agrees to the terms that were given. However, she wanted to have Wayne back into the Mafia, which Ming agreed with as well.

In season 4 Episode, "No Woman Is an Island" Ming left Palos Hills , broke up with Fred Wu, over the summer and relocated to Vermont to attend boarding school in order to get into good colleges early. However, later in the episode, Valarie assumes that she is transferring from place to place from the Asian Mafia because the school received a letter and a box full of her belongings.

Following that episode, She was never seen, referenced, or heard from again.


Season 1

Ming Huang
Ming Huang Season 3 Promo Pic
Full name: Ming Fei Huang
Alias: White (Becca)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Former Student at Palos Hills High School
Former Leader of the Asian Mafia
Relatives: Mrs. Huang (mother)
Peng Huang (father)
Unnamed Grandparents
Friends: Tamara Kaplan (best friend)
Jenna Hamilton (best friend)
Matty McKibben
Jake Rosati
Fred Wu
Relationships: Fred Wu
Henry (beard)
Enemies: Sadie Saxton
Portrayed by: Jessica Lu
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Who I Want To Be


Season 2

Season 3


  • Was in a relationship with Matty McKibben, in Jenna's alternative universe.
  • Is currently the leader of the Asian mafia, after punching Becca.
  • Her parents think she is gay because of her hairstyle and fashion sense.
  • Season 4 is the first season not to feature her.
  • She is the first and only Awkward main cast member to leave the series.