No Doubt
Season 1, Episode 10
No Doubt
Air date September 20, 2011
Written by Kelly Fullerton, Cassie Pappas & Meredith Philpott
Directed by Patrick Norris
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No Doubt is the tenth episode of the first season. It was first broadcast on September 20, 2011.


Jenna feels like she and Matty are actually on solid ground for the first time when he asks her out on their first real date. But, when Tamara reveals her suspicion that Matty wrote Jenna's care-frontation letter, Jenna starts to question everything about her romance with Matty.


It's a normal day at school, until Jenna notices a fight between Jake and Lissa because Jake told Lissa he kissed Jenna. Jenna sees the fight and gets slapped by Lissa. This causes Valerie to act as a mediator between Jake and Lissa about how he can make it up to Lissa. Elsewhere, Jenna tries to reconnect with Tamara via help from Ming. Jenna is forgiven, but Tamara confesses she didn't write the letter and just said it because she was hurt.

Moreover, Tamara voices her theory that Matty wrote the letter. This causes Jenna to rethink her "relationship" with Matty while complications arise when Matty wants to take Jenna out for dinner in a secluded area. It turns out to be Matty's family's restaurant and Jenna's concerns are resolved when Matty's uncle comments about how Matty has never taken a girl there before.

When they get back to Jenna's home, Tamara and Ming bust their date with games and confessions but are soon won over by Matty's true words. Before leaving Matty and Jenna alone, Tamara whispers that she doesn't think that Matty wrote the letter anymore. In the meantime, Lissa and Sadie team up to make Jake break up his friendship with Jenna but he ends up apologizing to Jenna for the earlier fight, and breaks up with Lissa.

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  • Those Dancing Days - "Fuckarias"

(scene: Everyone finds out Jenna and Jake kisses)

  • Eux Autres - "Under Rays"

(scene: Jenna and Ming talk in the hall)

  • 6 Day Riot - "Rise Above"

(scene: Matty asks Jenna out)

  • Love Inks - "Down and Out"

(scene: Jenna and Tamara make up)

  • Amanda Jo Williams - "Homeheart"

(scene: Jenna and Matty leave for their date)

  • Royal Bangs - "TV Tree"

(scene: Jenna and Matty listen to the radio)

  • Britta Persson - "Meet A Bear"

(scene: Jenna and Matty go on their date)

  • Antlers - "I Don't Want Love"

(scene: Jenna and Matty on their date)

  • Big Scary - "Falling Away"

(scene: Jenna and Matty get home from their date)

  • Lightyear - "It Beats"

(scene: Matty hangs out with Jenna and her friends)

  • Erin McKeown - "Santa Cruz"

(scene: Jake makes a surprise visit to Jenna's house)

  • Christina Perri - "Arms"

(scene: Jenna writes in her blog and makes out with Matty)

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