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No Woman Is An Island is the first episode of season four of Awkward. It aired on April 15, 2014 on MTV.


Jenna begins her senior year determined to make a fresh start, but she experiences major humiliation at home and in school. Also, her lingering feelings for Matty challenge her resolve to avoid boy drama and focus on school.


You can get a beginner’s guide to home repair, cooking and even the universe, so why not the inner social workings of Palos Hills High School? On the fourth season of “Awkward,” premiering April 15, a New York City native named Eva will join the likes of Jenna Hamilton and Matty McKibben in the hallowed PHHS halls, and though The Sanctuary, Valerie Marks‘ office and the lunch area will be uncharted territory for her, they’re already historical landmarks for the senior class. Sounds like this chick could use a tour guide!

Even if you’re a striking, tall blonde, starting over at a different school can be rough (especially when Sadie Saxton looms), and we’d like to give Eva a fighting chance. Here’s the shorthand on her new surroundings.

Jenna Hamilton followed her heart junior year by letting go of her relationship with Matty in favor of striking things up with Collin, whose writing she admired and whom she appreciated for the new experiences he offered. Sadly, her heart led her down the drain, and what started as some exciting experimentation with pot turned into a perpetual drug binge. Soon, J-Town had officially become a full-blown degenerate, but thankfully, she snapped back into reality when she saw Collin for the hedonist that he was. Now single, on semi-probation with the friends she scorned and with some heavy-duty damage control to do to her permanent record, will Jenna get things together senior year?

Even when those closest to Jenna were ready to throw in the towel, her former soul mate, Matty McKibben, refused to give up on her, and the oft-shirtless gentleman played perhaps the biggest role in her turnaround. Still, saving Jenna didn’t mean putting his love life on hold, and by the time prom rolled around, Matty had begun dating Bailey, a super sweet underclassman who was sort of a mini-Jenna. This season, Matty will consider venturing into friends with benefits territory with his ex, but is he playing with fire by leading Jenna on?

Two lovebirds who haven’t been afraid to be forthright are Tamara Kaplan and Jake Rosati, but they sadly ended their relationship over a race for class president that turned dirty. They’ve gone back and forth over Tamara’s dismissive nature and Jake’s habit of taking her — among other things — for granted, and this season, it looks like more issues will pop up for the reigning class couple. We don’t know if they’ll recover from their many complications, but as long as T has some hot guys to gawk at, we have a feeling she’ll weather the storm just fine.

Though Jake and Tamara’s love story is long-running, being in a relationship is a brand new experience for Sadie, who decided to open her (sometimes) cold heart for Austin. The student from another school managed to see right through Sadie in spite of his own social awkwardness, and the two felt so connected that they dropped mutual L-bombs on each other at the prom. Based on the Season 4 trailer, Sadie won’t stray too far from her snippy roots, but here’s hoping the pain of her mother skipping town doesn’t mean she’ll be a complete monster throughout senior year.

Once a respected vice principal/guidance counselor, Valerie Marks experienced a hell of a fall from grace when one of Jenna Hamilton’s personal essays cast her in a terrible light, and she was fired (ironic, considering Val spearheaded the A.S.S. that jump-started Jenna’s recovery). After working in a liquor store to make ends meet, Val was finally re-hired when Sadie Saxton’s winning testimony proved to the school board how valuable she was, and we’re simply delighted that Eva will have the opportunity to experience a cringeworthy session with V for herself.



Guest Stars[]


  • Babe Youth - “Bring It Back”

(scene: Matty and Jenna fantasy scene)

  • Whistle Peak - “In a Boy On a Lake”

(scene: Jenna and her mom talk about the first day of senior year)

  • The Midi Mafia - “Ayeyo”

(scene: Sadie pulls up to school in a new Mercedes)

  • Gregory Alan Isakov ft. Julie Davis - “Running Home”

(scene: Jenna meets Matty by the bleachers)

  • Lora Faye - “Judy Garland”

(scene: Eva walks up to the bleachers)

  • Tangerine - “The Runner”

(scene: Jenna and Tamara talk about orgasms in the bathroom)

  • Sweater Girls - “Pretty When You Smile”

(scene: The girls talk at lunch)

  • Drowners - “Ways to Phrase a Rejection”

(scene: Jenna gets rejected from clubs)

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(scene: Jenna decides to go to senior sleepover)

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(scene: Senior sleepover)

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(scene: Eva walks through the football field)

  • Evan P Donohue - “She’s Mine, I’m Yours”

(scene: Eva asks to hang out with Jenna, Tamara, and Jake)

  • The Ambient Light - “Everything Up Until Now”

(scene: Jenna and Matty talk while staring at the stars)

  • Haley Bonar - “Candy Machine Gun”

(scene: Morning after senior sleepover)

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(scene: Jenna has writer’s block)

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(scene: Jenna gets over her writers block)

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(scene: Jenna wakes up and calls Tamara)

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(scene: Tamara and her toothbrush)

  • Joy Classic - “Blossom”

(scene: Jenna and her dad eat from the food truck)

  • The Blues and Greys - “New Shores”

(scene: Jenna and Matty make a decision about their relationship)


  • The title of this episode is a parody of No Man Is an Island.
  • This is the beginning of senior year. (September 2013)
  • Eva is introduced as the new girl who catches Matty's eye.
  • Ming is mentioned that she went to boarding school. It is also implied that the Asian Mafia relocated her and kidnapped her.