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Olivia P.
Full name: Olivia P.
Alias: Jenna Plus
Friends: Matty McKibben
Jenna Hamilton
Relationships: James McKibben (ex-boyfriend)
Portrayed by: Jillian Murray
First Appearance: Jenna Lives
Last Appearance: Jenna Lives

Olivia P. a.k.a 'Jenna Plus' is introduced in a way which causes Jenna to believe she is Matty's girlfriend after he told her he wasn't ready to be in a relationship.

She is played by Jillian Murray.


She is referred as 'Jenna Plus' as there are some likeness between her and Jenna, however Jenna, Ming, and Tamara stated that she is a much cooler version and that Matty has upgraded Jenna for a 'Jenna Plus'. Although later on she finds out that she is in fact the girlfriend of Matty's brother.

Throughout Awkward.[]

In 'Jenna Lives', she is seen walking out of Matty's car with Matty at School. She is then seen sitting on the bleachers, talking on the phone during Jenna, Ming and Tamara's Physical Education class. At lunch she is seen hugging Matty. She is then seen once again in dentention. As soon as Val leaves the room, she jumps up and claims they have exactly 2 hours and they all leave to go get food. On the walk there, she is seen smoking a cigarette and talking to Jenna about how she is a dentention rewards card member. She got dentention because she skipped History after having a meltdown due to a boy. She is then heard arguing on the phone. She bums Jenna a smoke when she asks, lighting it for her. She was talking to her ex. Which she thought they were getting back together. She calls Jenna over to sit with her, with Jenna complimenting her fake specs. She then calls Jenna her detention buddy and leaves to find some ranch. The boy is later revealed to be Matty's brother, James. 


Jenna realizes that the two are alike not just by looks but also by the fact that they both care about what people think about them, and Jenna can't help but not hate her.


James McKibben

  • Status: Ended
    • Reason: On-off again relationship


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