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Once Upon A Blog is the eleventh episode of the second season of MTV's Awkward. It aired on September 13, 2012


After all the recent boy drama in her life, Jenna begins to write fictional blog posts if she had a Do-over for both Matty and Jake, but quickly finds out that those "Do-overs" come with their own set of problems.




Guest Stars[]


  • Blouse - "Into Black"

(scene: Jenna blogs about trying to decide between Matty and Jake)

  • Best Coast - "My Life"

(scene: Jenna decides to write fiction about her own past)

  • Nicole Reynolds - "When We Meet Again"

(scene: After Jenna doesn’t have sex with Matty, she tells off her Mom)

  • The Chord and The Fawn - "Good Intentions"

(scene: Jenna sits at lunch with Matty and tells off Sadie)

  • Matt Max - "Stop Making Sense"

(scene: Jenna in Val’s office)

  • ALyX - "Show You Mine"

(scene: Jenna, in full on beotch mode, blogs about how blogging is stupid)

  • Veronica Falls - "Bad Feeling"

(scene: Jenna and Matty walk outside, she demands a limo, Jake tells Matty that Jenna’s a bitch)

  • Phantogram - "16 Years"

(scene: Jenna decides to write fiction reimagining her jake relationship)

  • Dum Dum Girls - "Bedroom Eyes"

(scene: Jenna thinks there’s sexual chemistry, Jake thinks there’s not, they do it again in various places)

  • Babe Youth - "Break Me"

(scene: Jenna tells Jake she’s pregnant)

  • Spectrals - "Chip A Tooth (Spoil A Smile)"

(scene: Jenna decides to write fiction about choosing neither boy)

  • The Cutes - "Today Is The Day"

(scene: Matty and Jake hold hands as the walk down the hall)

  • Frances - "Between Us"

(scene: Jenna finally makes her decision)