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Prank Amateurs is the first episode of the fifth season, and it aired on August 31, 2015.


As the final weeks of high school begin, Jenna overhears a shocking confession that could devastate Matty, while also contemplating if her Brian and her still have chemistry. Matty becomes excited for senior prank, but his ideas are proven to be lame. Sadie gets an unwanted visitor.


While standing idly (and nudely) by preparing for the Senior Streak, Jenna overhears Gabby and Jake talking about their hookup in Mexico. Unsure of what to do she decides to keep this information to herself after running out of the closet and ruining the Senior prank. Sadie receives a surprise visit from her mother who wishes to mend their relationship. Matty decides that his realization about still having feelings for Jenna was just a momentary lapse, and is now committed to being with Gabby. Tamara sets a wedding date for her and Adam while Jenna misses the chemistry she shared earlier with Brian. While celebrating the salvage of the Senior prank, Gabby learns of Matty's initial plan to end their relationship. This leads to Gabby breaking up with Matty and spilling the beans about her and Jake, ending the episode with Matty punching Jake and storming off.



Guest Stars[]


  • PVRIS - “St. Patrick”

(scene: Previously on)

  • Japanese Wallpaper ft. Wafia – “Breathe In”

(scene: Jenna and her mom have a heartfelt conversation)

  • Meghan and Lucas – “Spinning”

(scene: Jenna and Brian hangout on the beach)

  • Act As If – “Let You Go”

(scene: Jenna and Brian Try to connect, but they’re interrupted by Tamara and her fiance, Adam)

  • Young Liars – “Young Again”

(scene: Sadie and Sergio make-out in Sadie’s room)

  • Luke Tierney – “Meth Lab For Hootie”

(scene: Brian climbs a flagpole)

  • The Weakness – “Thing About Love”

(scene: Jenna and Brian share their mutual feelings about their relationship)

  • Love Kelli – “Good Time”

(scene: Seniors perform a foam dance party prank in the hallway)