Queen Bee-atches
Season 1, Episode 6
Queen Bee-atches
Air date August 23, 2011
Written by Lauren Iungerich & Nate Federman
Directed by Lauren Iungerich
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Queen Bee-atches is the sixth episode of the first season. This was first broadcast on August 23, 2011.


Jenna is forced to mingle with the mean girls at an elite charity event for her mom. Later, things get even more awkward when she runs into Matty and Jake. Jake keeps bringing up their kiss and Matty also finds out about it.


Jenna and Tamara sneaks into Sadie's room and find her diary/food journal, Jenna using it to her advantage blackmails Sadie into accepting her mom into the club, but later Jenna's mom over hears the other moms talking trash behind her back, discretely ruins a vase, and quickly leaves with Jenna. The episode ends with Jake asking Jenna if they can talk, and Jenna agreeing.

Cast and Characters

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Simone & Girlfunkle - "Heart Goes Pitter Patter"

(scene: Jenna is talking at the charity event)

  • Andrew Dost - "Cozy in Space"

(scene: Jenna is talking in the bathroom at school)

  • Say Hi - "Devils"

(scene: Jenna confronts Sadie)

  • A Minor Swoon - "Shaken by the Resistance"

(scene: Next on) 

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