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Redefining Jenna is the tenth episode of the third season and aired on June 11th, 2013.


Collin invites Jenna to an art opening for a photographer that she and Matty liked but when Matty bails to help Jake with a party that Tamara is co-hosting, Jenna finds out that her interest in Collin is mutual. Lissa confesses that she's convinced that she killed Ricky with second-hand peanut sauce.


Tamara co-hosts the big Black Friday party, pushing Jake to the edge with her bossiness. Ming becomes the new Asian mafia leader. Meanwhile Jenna gets invited to a separate party from Collin. Matty admits he doesn't want to go to Collin's party and has been embarrassed by Jenna all along, leaving Jenna to attend the party on her own. Collin admits his feelings for Jenna and they make out in his car. On Matty's walk to greet Jenna, they quickly stop and Collin drives away. Beau Mirchoff confirmed it is unknown if Matty saw them.



Guest Stars[]


  • Winter Gloves - "Strange Love"

(scene: Jenna declines Collin’s “sexy note”)

  • Labyrinth Ear - "Navy Light"

(scene: Jenna eats leftovers while Lacey and Val return home from shopping)

  • Helen Austin - "Leaving Lullaby"

(scene: Jenna has a serious conversation with Matty in his truck)

  • Flume - "Insane featuring Moon Holiday"

(scene: Jenna feels like she should leave the photography opening until she sees Collin)

  • Sammy Jay - "The One!"

(scene: Sadie talks to the Julies about Tamara)

  • UHH - "Black and Blue"

(scene: Collin tells Jenna he broke up with Angelique)

  • Janine and the Machine - "Set It Off"

(scene: Lissa, drunk, asks Sadie for a condom)

  • Night Club - "Lovestruck"

(scene: Jake complains to Matty about Tamara)

  • Labyrinth Ear - "Humble Bones"

(scene: Jenna stays at the party with Collin, he shows her the picture that was taken of her)

  • CHVRCHES - "We Sink"

(scene: Matty, Tamara, Jake, and Ming enjoy the party. They wonder where Jenna is)

  • Joshua Michael Robinson - "Dress"

(scene: Jenna kisses Collin while Matty looks for her)