Season 2, Episode 1
Air date June 28, 2012
Written by Lauren Iungerich
Directed by Lauren Iungerich
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Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary

Resolutions is the first episode of Awkward's second season which was broadcasted on June 28, 2012 on MTV.



It's the New Year and Jenna and Jake are invited to a party. Unfortunately, it is at Matty's house. Throughout the party Lissa tries to make amends with Jenna after what happened last season, ultimately being an annoyance to Jenna while she is trying to make a decision between Jake and Matty. During the party, Jenna sees Matty struggling to refill the beer so she offers some help. While they refill the tub of ice and beer, Matty reveals that he wants a second chance, confesses that he still has strong feelings for Jenna and asks to meet at midnight.

While leaving to return to the party, Matty tries to assure Jenna that Jake would understand about their relationship. This just leaves Jenna even more confused. In the end Jenna chooses Jake over Matty, making them an official couple.

While elsewhere at the party Tamara had been under the impression that Ricky was spending New Year's with his grandmother's, but really he was flirting with other girls at the party. Tamara confronts him, leading him to prove that his grandma had actually dropped him home earlier to "surprise" Tamara. They reconcile.

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  • League - "Hyperflowers"

(scene: Previously on)

  • Nat Jay - "Green Trees Red Hearts"

(scene: Jenna blogs on Christmas Eve)

  • The Transients - "Hey You!"

(scene: Jenna Arrives at Matty's New Year's Eve Party)

  • Tiger Baby - "Heart Of Stone"

(scene: Lissa apologizes to Jenna)

  • Girls Love Shoes - "Insecurity"

(scene: Lissa tells of Sadie, Jenna overhears Matty and Jake)

  • Summer Fiction - "Christmas Eve For Two"

(scene: Jenna talks to Matty in the Garage)

  • Phantogram - "Don't Move"

(scene: Jake talks to Tamara about Jenna and Ricky)

  • Picture Book - "Strangers"

(scene: Jenna pretends to look for a cat, talks to Lissa)

  • MIDI Mafia - "Ayeyo"

(scene: Jenna walks out of the party, gets into Val's car)

  • I Break Horses - "Winter Beats"

(scene: New Year's Countdown and Kiss)

  • Kye Kye - "Trees And Trust"

(scene: Matty talks to Sadie his Garage)

  • Drexler - "To The Walls"

(scene: Tamara, Lissa, and Clark give their new year's resolutions)

  • Midi Mafia - "Bass"

(scene: Matty passes out while kissing Sadie)

  • Pop Levi - "Strawberry Shake"

(scene: Tamara talks to Ricky's Grandmother on the phone)

  • Imperial Mammoth - "Left Behind"

(scene: Jake and Jenna talk in Jenna’s Living Room)


Awkward Season 2 Promo HD

Awkward Season 2 Promo HD

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