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Ricky Schwartz
Ricky in TAT
Full name: Ricky Schwartz
Gender: Male
Age: 16; at time of death (via Nut Allergy)
Occupation: Former Student at Palos Hills High School
Relatives: Unknown Female Family Members
Relationships: Tamara Kaplan (fling)
Sadie Saxton (ex-girlfriend)
Clark Stevenson (fling)
Lissa Miller (hook-up)
Jenna Hamilton (kissed)
Enemies: Clark Stevenson
Tamara Kaplan
Portrayed by: Matthew Fahey
First Appearance: Over My Dead Body
Last Appearance: The Other Shoe

Ricky Schwartz was the ex-boyfriend of Tamara Kaplan and Sadie Saxton, as well as the secret ex-boyfriend of Clark Stevenson.

He was played by Matthew Fahey.


Ricky was Tamara's crush. He seems to reciprocate these feelings but also flirts with other girls in order to make her jealous. In the episode "The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch" Ricky is seen kissing an intoxicated Jenna much to Tamara's dismay but ultimately she forgives him whilst still being in conflict with Jenna. He had an unusual obsession with large breasts, brought on by his relatives. 

Throughout Awkward[]

Season 1[]

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Season 3[]

It is revealed in Cha-cha-cha-changes and Responsibly Irresponsible, that he had an allergy to peanuts and he died from the allergic reaction. After his death, all of his classmates reveal their true feelings for him. Or it could be possible that Lissa had killed him cause in Indecent Exposure Lissa said "I think God is punishing me" meaning that she could be the one who killed Ricky.

Sadie states that she hates Ricky for what he had done to her (hooking up with Clark), It was revealed during his funeral and vigil, that he something of an artist, he was breast-fed up until he was eight-years old and that he and Clark had actually been hooking up since the 6th grade.

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Tamara Kaplan

  • Status: Ended

Sadie Saxton

Clark Stevenson


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  • Ricky is gay and had a secret relationship with Clark. Although he may have been bisexual since he did love Sadie and occasionally Tamara. 
  • Ricky was always told to die by Tamara and Sadie. Ironically, he dies from an allergic reaction from a peanut in Cha-cha-cha-changes.