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Rubbed Raw and Reeling is the eight episode of the third season, and aired on May 28, 2013.


Jenna is challenged to read something revealing at a local open mike night but has second thoughts when she finds her parents in the audience. Meanwhile Jake and Matty have a boy's night, and Jenna and Collin share a moment.


Jenna's creative writing instructor challenges her to read a personal piece at an open mic. Matty and Jake have a "brobeque" and challenge each other to forget about their girlfriends for one night.



Guest Stars[]


  • Tegan and Sara - "Drove Me Wild"

(scene: Jenna watches Matty’s fans watching him)

  • Waxahatchee - "Lips and Limbs"

(scene: Tamar and Jenna talk in her bedroom about what to read)

  • Bleached - "Next Stop"

(scene: Matty puts steaks on a cold grill with Jake)

  • Gold Motel - "Your Own Ghost"

(scene: Jenna arrives at the coffee shop open mic night)

  • Misun - "Coffee"

(scene: Mr Hart talks to Jenna after her reading)

  • Brock Tyler - "The Stars Are On Your Way"

(scene: Jenna shares a table with Colin at the coffee shop)

  • Erika Spring - "Like A Fire"

(scene: Colin touches Jenna as he takes a phone call)

  • Cameras - "Break/Hands"

(scene: Jenna pretends to sleep as Matty knocks on her door)