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Objectively, you don't know everything.
That would be a correct statement.
But in this case, I know nerves and I know you.

-Sadie and Austin

The Sadie-Austin Relationship, commonly known as Shane Harper (“High School Musical 2 Gametime & My Name Is Khan”) & Molly Tarlov (“Huge GBF & ICarly”) Sadstin or Welchton is the romantic pairing of Sadie Saxton and Austin Welch.


Sadie and Austin first met at the Halloween party in That Girl Strikes Again.While trying to find a Golden Horseshoe, she stumbled apon Austin, slightly scaring Sadie. He tells her if she wants the horseshoe, she has to pony up. Ever since Old Jenna, they have been a couple. They broke up in After Hours Online because Sadie showed Austin a picture of her and Matty when they fell asleep together. She told him that her and Matty kissed. Austin told Sadie she betrayed his trust and he broke up with her.


Season 3[]

That Girl Strikes Again[]

  • They first meet in Austin's room while Sadie tries to find the Golden Horseshoe.
  • He tells her that if she wants the horseshoe, she has to pony up.
  • He asks for her phone number.

Taking Sides[]

  • Austin has been texting Sadie.
  • Austin and Sadie went out for lunch before, but didn't talk.
  • He adds a picture of himself to her phone so that when he texts her, she would know who it is.
  • They meet at the quad with Lissa.
  • When Lissa tells him about Ricky, he hopes that if she kills him, that she would keep their murder-baby.
  • He offered Sadie a carrot.
  • Matty was telling Sadie about how she likes him, but won't admit it.
  • Sadie tells Lissa that she can't date Austin, because she's dating him.

Old Jenna[]

  • Sadie tries to seduce Austin.
  • Austin shows Sadie how to invest in millions.
  • Austin gives Sadie new passwords.
  • Austin asks if she's wearing the correct size bra and Sadie tells him to find out.
  • They make-out.

Who I Want To Be[]

  • They go to prom.
  • Sadie tells Lissa that she's in love with Austin.
  • Austin can tell that she's nervous.
  • He says that he knows nerves and that he knows her
  • He asks if he can touch her.
  • He feels her heartbeat.
  • He says his first assumption is right which is that Sadie loves him but is afraid to say it. Sadie says that's not true.
  • Sadie asks if he's gonna leave, but he says no because she wouldn't know that he loves her back.
  • Austin asks if he could kiss her and she says yes.
  • Sadie is later seen on Austin's lap during I want to be someone who can tell it like it is.


  • Relationship Status: Exes