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Season 1 of Awkward premiered on July 19, 2011 and finished on September 27, 2011. The first season focuses on the show's central character Jenna Hamilton, a teenager who struggles with her identity, especially after an accident is misconstrued as a failed suicide attempt.


After losing her virginity to the most popular guy in school, things go from good to worse for sophomore Jenna Hamilton when an accident caused by a mysterious letter leads everyone to think she attempted suicide. While attempting to recover, she uses the newfound sympathy that people are giving to her as a means of making herself recognized in the wild jungle that is high school, but however learns fairly quickly that the grass isn't greener on the other side like she hoped for it to be.



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  • Chapter 1 - The Jenna Chapter (Ep. 1-5) This chapter deals with Jenna Hamilton struggling to find her identity and have an open relationship with Matty McKibben, after a misunderstanding that led people to believe that she has a failed suicide attempt.
  • Chapter 2 - The Care-Frontation Chapter (Ep. 6-12) This chapter deals with Jenna and her friends trying to find the suspect who wrote the care-frontation letter. Three suspects have emerged; Tamara Kaplan (who lied about it), Sadie (after quoting a line) and Jenna's friends suspected Matty as a suspect. In the end it was revealed to be Jenna's mother Lacey Hamilton.


Pilot Pilot July 19, 2011 01 1.01

After loosing her virginity to the most popular guy at her school, Jenna's life gets thrown in for 180 after a freak accident gets misinterpreted as a suicide attempt.

Knocker Knocker Nightmare July 26, 2011 02 1.02

Jenna finally gets her eyesore cast off her arm, and she thinks it's a dream come true, but when a photo of her showing the most intimate of her body goes viral, she wonders who will come save her from that nightmare she thought she escaped.

200px-Episode 3 The Way We Weren't August 2, 2011 03 1.03

Still hooking up in secret, Matty invites Jenna to Lissa's pool party, and Jenna think it's their time to go public.

200px-38 The Scarlet Eye August 9, 2011 04 1.04

When a severe case of pink eyes infects the school, it leads Jenna to think that Matty had slept with someone else. At the bonfire, Tamara exposes Sadie for who she truly is.

Jenna lives Jenna Lives August 16, 2011 05 1.05
A month has passed since Jenna's big accident, she tries to move on and start fresh, but it's kind of hard to when someone is profiting off her accident by selling graphic t shirts. To add icing on the cakes, She catches Matty with a senior who is known around school
Fb8 Queen Bee-atches August 23, 2011 06 1.06

When the local elite mother/daughter organization starts to rush new memebers, Jenna is forced to mingle with the head of the organization's daughter, who can look like a saint to other people, but is Jenna's worse nightmare. While at the same organization, Jake has to juggle the fact if he should tell matty what happened at the end of detention.

200px-34 Over My Dead Body August 30, 2011 07 1.07
It’s Drunk Driving Awareness Week and Jenna once again is thrusted in the limelight when Val casts her to play "Dead Stacee". As Jenna struggles with her role, Jake and Matty struggle for her attention.
200px-Fb10 The Adventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch September 6, 2011 08 1.08

A visit from Lacey's BFF. Aunt Ally, leads to a wild keg party at the Hamilton house – and a pounding hangover for Jenna the next day as she tries to piece together the night's dramatic events.

200px-Episode 9 My Super Bittersweet Sixteen September 13, 2011 09 1.09
Jenna’s sixteenth birthday isn’t very sweet as she suffers one embarrassing experience after the next. Still reeling from the consequences of the party, Jenna tries to reconnect and fix the relationships she alienated.
200px-Episode 10 No Doubt September 20, 2011 10 1.10

Feeling like they are on solid ground for once, Matty asks out Jenna for a real first date, but when Tamara reveals her suspicions about Matty, including who wrote the letter. Jenna fears that it may be true.

200px-I am jenna Hamilton I Am Jenna Hamilton September 27, 2011 11 1.11

Romance is in the air as Sophomore winter formal is around the corner, and while waiting for the big ask, Jenna submits herself for Formal Queen, but when Sadie catches wind of it, she does everything in her power to taint Jenna's already sunken reputation.

200px-Winter Formal 2 Fateful September 27, 2011 12 1.12

In the Season Finale, The night of the Winter Formal is full of surprises as Jenna finally makes a decision between Matty and Jake. Tamara tries to figure out who she is taking to the dance. Ming brings an unexpected date to the dance. The identity of the harsh carefrontation letter is revealed.

DVD Release[]

Awward dvd

Awkward: Season One was released on DVD in the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and U.S. territories on November 14, 2011. The two disc set contains all 12 episodes of season one as well as special features including, Webisodes, Behind-the-scenes tours of the set, Wardrobe trailer and cast interviews.